Hyde Amendment

Why Catholics Should Not Vote For Fake Catholic Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s advocacy of abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism put him in direct conflict, not with some ephemeral policies of church administration, but with the fundamental precepts of Catholicism that make a Catholic a Catholic. As Cardinal Burke said, Joe Biden is “not in communion with Christ,” or his church. Catholics should not be persuaded to vote for Joe Biden in the false belief that he is a faithful Catholic.

Conservatives to Congress: No Two-Year Spending Caps Deal

With federal spending reaching record levels, the conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project released the following memo to Congress regarding a rumored deal to break the existing spending caps and drive the deficit even higher.

Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flop Reveals His Weaknesses

John Fund, National Review

Despite all of the internal Democratic misgivings about Biden, he can still barrel through to the nomination in a highly divided field. Trump’s ability to win blue states was the key to his winning the White House in 2016. But Biden’s strength with blue-collar voters isn’t preordained if he runs an erratic campaign full of flip-flops, lapses, and odd behavior. “Voters have come to expect Trump breaks the norms of politics and they have baked that into their assumptions about him,” a former Democratic senator who served with Biden told me. “But Biden’s pitch is he’s more stable and dependable than Trump. But what if the contrast in the end just isn’t that dramatic?”

What's Missing From CPAC

President Trump’s team reported great beginnings for his conservative agenda to the thousands of conservatives assembled at CPAC, however, something was definitely missing.

Obamacare Could Expand Abortion

Mary Harned, Staff Counsel of Americans United for Life, Daily Caller

Obamacare funds, taxpayer dollars, could be used to pay for abortion directly. Obamacare also explicitly permits fed. tax subsidies to pay for the premiums for certain qualified individuals to purchase plans that cover abortion.