IRS targeting

Real Power Behind IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal Still A Mystery

Ethan Barton, Daily Caller

An FBI investigation missed the IRS official who first set in motion the illegal targeting of conservative and Tea Party non-profit groups applying for tax exemption, documents obtained by a government watchdog group reveal.

IRS Hasn't Contacted Scandal Victims

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

It's been 4 months, but IRS targeting scandal investigators still haven't contacted any of the 40+ victimized conservative groups represented in the American Center for Law and Justice lawsuit.

IRS Now Targeting Veterans?

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

A congressional committee is currently reviewing the IRS’s response to lawmakers’ concerns following new revelations that the agency is targeting the American Legion.

Dem Seeks Tea Party Aid in IRS Suit

Patrick Reis, National Journal

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) has a proposal he says can assuage both the tea party's concerns over IRS overreach and progressives' fretting over anonymous campaign cash unleashed by the Citizens United ruling. His plan: Sue the IRS.

D's Ignoring IRS Facts

Eliana Johnson, National Review Online

House Democrats pretend, unconvincingly, that the agency was neutral toward tea-party groups. 

Tea Party Farmer: IRS Audited Me

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News

A VA farmer was harassed by county gov't and then improperly targeted by the IRS because of her politics.

IRS: Yep, We Messed Up Badly

Dave Boyer and Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times

Treasury admitted that confidential candidate and donor records were improperly scrutinized. Why won’t DOJ prosecute?

Top Dem: IRS IG Withheld Info

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Cummings wants George to testify again after discovering he lied about evidence of IRS-Tea Party targeting.

Lawful Not Safe From Gov't Bullies

Daniel J. Mitchell, Townhall

Law-abiding farmer Boneta is being harassed by fed and local gov't for no reason. You're next.

Audited Farmer Faces More Thuggery

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, The Washington Examiner

IRS and county government target Martha Boneta, a farmer, has been forced to wear a bullet-proof vest.

Plot Thickens in IRS Scandal

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

The liberal nonprofit that pressed Shulman to target conservatives houses his wife’s group.

Fitzgibbons Recounts the Harassment of Martha Boneta

We urge you to go to this page on the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) website to post your comments in support of the Boneta Bill and the goal of enacting legislation to hold public officials accountable if they engage in the kind of harassment Martha Boneta has suffered at the hands of Fauquier County Virginia’s zoning authorities.

Letter of Support Ted Cruz Abolish the IRS

The Honorable Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator for Texas

To: The Honorable Ted Cruz

We Support Your Efforts to Abolish the IRS!

Thank you for recognizing the IRS’s bullying of Americans and for taking up the brave charge to abolish this crony-filled bureaucracy.

Ted Cruz: IRS Won’t Get Away with It

Kathleen McKinley, Houston Chronicle

Cruz brought TX Tea Party leaders together at a presser to share their awful IRS experiences.

The Washington Post Aiding and Abetting Obama Cover-Up of IRS Targeting of Tea Party

The editors of The Washington Post bought the political spin from the Obama administration and congressional Democrats even when it was flatly contradicted by the Inspector General charged with actually investigating the targeting of the Tea Party for the Treasury.

Tyranny Begins With A Letter From A Bureaucrat

"When all are guilty, no one is; confessions of collective guilt are the best possible safeguard against the discovery of culprits, and the very magnitude of the crime the best excuse for doing nothing." Congress must get to the bottom of who ordered the oppressive targeting of the Obama administration's political opponents described at yesterday's House Ways and Means Committee hearing.