Immigration reform

Boehner Wants Immigration Reform

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

Speaker John Boehner said at a press conference Thurs. that “it is just time to deal with” the issue of immigration reform, indicating he hopes to enact an immigration law in the coming year.

How Conservatives Aim to Stop O’s Amnesty Action

Josh Siegel, Daily Signal

Aides to conservative Senators say their bosses are rallying around a strategy to preventObama from taking exec. action to move illegals toward citizenship: Use gov't funding bills to withhold the money the president needs to implement his plan.

Boehner: Obama Will 'Burn Himself'

John Bresnahan, Politico

“The House, I’m sure, at some point next year, will move to repeal Obamacare," he says. Boehner also warned Obama not to take executive action banning deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Petition to Congress: Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty!

Oppose an Omnibus Spending Bill and Executive Amnesty For Illegals!

To: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, and All Members of the House Republican Conference

McConnell Should Defund WhiteHouse If O Tries Amnesty

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart

McConnell has one real power: the power to bring bills to the floor. McConnell can block any & all of Obama's appointments, both exec. & judicial. That's what McConnell should threaten to do if O attempts to carry out exec. amnesty. He should be prepared to defund the WH.

Why Ari Fleischer Is Dead Wrong About Election 2014 and Election 2016

George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer’s argument that Republicans must adopt Obama’s top goal for his second term – amnesty and “comprehensive immigration reform”– to win in 2016 was almost word-for-word the same justification President Barack Obama used in his post-election press conference for proceeding with his toxic agenda, and it is also dead wrong.

Palin: Romney in 'Never Never Land' on Amnesty

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

Mitt Romney predicted that a GOP Senate would pass immigration reform. Sarah Palin responded, "Romney is busy promoting some decent policies; perhaps that's why he clearly hasn't followed today's races because every Repub. is campaigning against amnesty & every Dem. gunning for the Senate is campaigning for it."


The only way to advance conservative government and to stop Obama's campaign to fundamentally change America is to empower Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions with a Republican majority in the Senate.

Dem Ad Brands Tea Party As 'Radical Terrorists'

Gilbert Garcia,

Manuel Medina, Bexar Cty. Dem. chair defended the ad, saying, “The tea party isn't a political party. They're a terrorist org.” The ad states,“Tea party Repubs....They're radical terrorists. They want to take matters into their own hands, affecting our families with violence & firearms."

The TEA Party Hates Jeb Bush

Brett Logiurato, Business Insider

"Bush as a last name" is an issue, said Erick Erickson, the editor in chief of RedState. "It's the same problems the Dems have. 'Let’s go forward by going backward.' Not exactly a winning slogan." But the base's problem with Bush begins with his positions on immigration and education.

Gang of 8 Repubs. Discourage Obama Against Exec. Amnesty

Caroline May, Breitbart

Three of the Republicans who worked to push comprehensive immigration reform through the Senate last year are calling on President Obama to refrain from taking executive action on immigration reform.

Jeff Sessions: Obama's Impending Amnesty Burdens Americans, Benefits Billionaires

“The world has turned upside down. Instead of serving the interests of the American people, the policies of President Obama and every Senate Democrat serve the needs of special interests and global CEOs who fail to understand the duty a nation owes to its own people. But the citizens of this country still hold the power, and through their voice, they can turn the country right-side again.” -- Sen. Jeff Sessions

Latinos Shun D's; Few Angry Over Amnesty Delay

William Bigelow, Breitbart

Obama’s base of support among Hispanics and youth is eroding dramatically. Per the Pew Research Center, Hispanic voters are upset with Obama over what they perceive to be elevated deportations & failures to enact more lenient immigration reform. 

Schlafly: Immigration Is Killing The American Family

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly has risen to the forefront in the immigration debate and strongly believes that America’s increasing levels of immigration is not just bad for the economy, but also is harming the American family.

Driver's Licenses for Illegals an Issue in 3 States

Jon Feere, The Hill

Granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants has raised national security concerns. In CO, OR, and CA, the granting of driver's licenses to illegal aliens has generated controversy and raised national security concerns that have gone largely unreported.

At Stake in this Election: Obama's "Aggressive Action" on Illegal Amnesty

Obama's planned, and patently illegal, "executive amnesty" will devastate America's working families, but Labor Secretary Thomas Perez that's OK because amnesty will ensure "shared prosperity."

O A Candidate For Impeachment If Immig. Laws Not Upheld

Al Weaver, Daily Caller

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, Obama could be come a candidate for impeachment over the next two years if he enforces immigration policies “in such a way that it is the opposite of what the law is intended to do.” Napolitano claims that he cannot ultimately “make illegals legal.”

Angst Grows Over O’s Immigration Plans

Justin Sink, The Hill

Angst over Obama's post-election plans on immigration is growing amid revelations that the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) has issued a procurement request for as many as 34 million work permits and green cards.

Dem Pollster: Hispanics May Stay Home In Nov. Over Delayed Exec Amnesty

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Lib pollster Celinda Lake said that Dems face "a big uphill battle for the Latino turnout, and that's going to affect our candidates" in places like AZ, NM, CO & GA. In fact, she said Senate Democrats were wrong to urge Obama to delay his exec. amnesty until after the elections.

Repubs. Again Jump on Obama and Immigration

Seung Min Kim, Politico

Top House R's are hitting Obama over his impending executive action on immigration again. John Boehner & House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte warned Thurs. that unilateral moves from Obama will “inject serious constitutional questions” into the broader immigration debate.