Ft. Lauderdale Airport Terrorist Converted to Islam, Identified as Muslim Years Before Joining Army

Public records uncovered in the days after the massacre suggest Hammad (Santiago) is a radical Islamic terrorist who is seriously committed to Islam. Besides taking on a Muslim name before joining the US military, he recorded three Islamic religious songs, including the Muslim declaration faith, the Shahada: there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.

Yes, the Muslim Penetration of America Is Real

Our friend Ilan Berman, Vice President, of the American Foreign Policy Council, delivered a powerful speech at a gathering in Washington, DC of retired and active intelligence and national security professionals.  In his remarks Berman said just as it was during the Cold War, the United States has become targeted for penetration – this time by Islamist forces. Although that may sound inflammatory, it isn’t conjecture; it is settled fact he concluded.

Eric Holder's Bizarrely PC Announcement Regarding “Violent Extremism”

Nowhere in the announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder's new program to "counter violent extremism" is any word used that directly associates the need for the program with radical Islam.