Islamist terrorist attack

Mr. Trump: Don’t Make Traitor Bob Corker Secretary Of State

In pursuit of his “legacy” treaty with Iran, Obama resorted to telling lie after lie to sell something that if the truth were revealed would never be accepted by the American people – and his indispensable partner in selling the lies was Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

The Battle of Ohio State

When are America’s establishment elite, the politicians and media personalities who work behind metal detectors and armed guards and who have staff to run to Macy’s, going to recognize and admit that Islam is indeed to blame when Americans going to class, or to the mall or to work are killed or maimed by Muslim terrorists?

Son of Boston police captain charged in Islamist terrorist plot

Denise Lavoie, AP

The son of a Boston police captain has been accused of plotting to detonate pressure-cooker bombs at an unidentified university and to broadcast the executions of students live online, terrorist acts aimed at supporting the Islamic State group, authorities said.

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Kuwait Mosque Blast

Asa Fitch and Maria Abi Habib, The Wall Street Journal

Islamic State took responsibility for a deadly explosion on Friday at a Shiite Muslim mosque in Kuwait City, a rare attack in the tiny Gulf nation. The attack marked the group’s first assault on Kuwait, which has avoided much of the sectarian bloodshed that has hit the region, including its much larger neighbor Saudi Arabia.

Terrorist Attack in France Leaves One Decapitated at Factory

Alissa J. Rubin and Aurelien Breeden, The New York Times

An attacker stormed an American-owned industrial chemical plant near Lyon, France, on Friday, decapitated one person and tried unsuccessfully to blow up the factory, in what the French authorities said was a terrorist attack. News reports said the attacker had waved flags bearing Arabic writing during the assault.