Janet Napolitano

Say NO To Rep. Mike McCaul As DHS Secretary

President Trump’s greatest challenge at the Department of Homeland Security is getting rid of Obama-era people, thinking and policies. Nominating Rep. Mike McCaul as Secretary of Homeland Security would be tantamount to appointing an Obama holdover to run DHS.

Eric Holder's Bizarrely PC Announcement Regarding “Violent Extremism”

Nowhere in the announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder's new program to "counter violent extremism" is any word used that directly associates the need for the program with radical Islam.

Big Sis Gurus Probed in Sex Scandal

Jeffrey Anderson, Washington Times

A Senate panel is investigating whether former Homeland Sect. Napolitano’s allies pushed the inspector gen. to tread lightly in its probe of the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

DHS Sec't Must Focus on Border

Juana Summers, Politico

Repub. McCaul floated possible Napolitano replacements, saying they must focus on the border.