Jason Chaffetz

Phyllis Schlafly Asks The Right Question: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Gives The Wrong Answer

In our latest coverage of the House Republican leadership races we contrast the word salad Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz dumped on Chris Wallace’s desk during Fox News Sunday with the straightforward commitment made by Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida to eliminate the dysfunctional anti-conservative process House establishment Republicans have used to thwart the conservative agenda.

I have a concern about Jason Chaffetz

Erick Erickson, RedState

If Chaffetz was so willing and eager to play lapdog for leadership, how would he behave as Speaker. It is very clear that Chaffetz repeatedly takes the side of leadership. He was not one of those who dared to defy Boehner privately or publicly at the beginning of 2015. He relies on his frequent Fox News appearances to claim conservatives love him.

Chaffetz announces bid for Speaker

Bradford Richardson, The Hill

Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Sunday announced his intention to run to replace outgoing Speaker John Boehner. Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, said he does not believe House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is the favorite to take over the Speakership, can get the requisite number of votes from Republicans to win.

Chaffetz made career by confronting establishment

Laurie Kellman, The Washington Times

Chaffetz won election in 2008 by toppling incumbent Republican Chris Cannon in a runoff, despite endorsements from President George W. Bush and most of the state’s political establishment. In 2011, he briefly considered challenging Sen. Orrin Hatch, and only stepped back after Boehner and others urged him to stay in the House.

Chaffetz Wins 4-Way Showdown for Oversight Gavel

Matt Fuller, Roll Call

The Repub. Steering Comm. chose Rep. Jason Chaffetz to replace Darrell Issa to lead the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. 

Battle for Issa's Gavel Heats Up

Jake Sherman, Politico

Jason Chaffetz and Mike Turner are lobbying furiously for the oversight job. Everyone watching the behind-the-scenes battle for the House Oversight & Gov't Reform Committee gavel has one question in mind: Who does Boehner want?

Chaffetz: Secret Service Agents May've Been ‘Scapegoats’

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Secret Service agents may have been used as “scapegoats” by the W. House to “cover up what is potentially a broader problem” relating to the '12 prostitution scandal in Colombia, per Jason Chaffetz. He questioned whether an Obama staffer involved in the scandal had been disciplined. 

Obama’s Culture of Lies Now Infects Secret Service

We think the White House fence jumper incident reveals much more about the Obama administration’s culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption, than it does about the failures of security at the White House.

House GOP Leaders' Plan Is Amnesty And We Can Prove It

The House GOP leadership bill would allow Obama to "parole" millions of illegal aliens who would then gain permanent legal resident status after a year and who could then apply for U.S. citizenship after five years. UPDATED: In unprecedented win for grassroots, late Friday the House passed conservative border bills.

Trio Seeks to Succeed Issa

Molly K. Hooper, The Hill

At least three Repub. lawmakers are interested in Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform gavel: Reps. John Mica (FL), Jason Chaffetz (UT) and Michael Turner (OH). Issa is in his final year of the six-year GOP term limit for comm. chairmen.

House Conservatives Holding Kathleen Sebelius Responsible for Healthcare.gov Disaster

Not that we expect any answers -- or at least any straight answers -- from Secretary Sebelius, but the following is the text of the letter Representatives Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz sent to Sebelius late Monday afternoon.

GOP to FBI: Step Up Benghazi Inquiry

Mario Trujillo, The Hill

Rep. Chaffetz and Sen. Graham wrote to FBI head Comey, demanding he brief Congress on the issue in the next month.