Jay Sekulow

Today Is Your Last Chance To Rein-In The IRS

Proposed IRS regulations will effectively codify into law the heretofore illegal practices that the agency used to target conservatives If those regulations pass, non-profit organizations across the country will be destroyed. Click this link to submit your comment.

Tea Party Lawyer: IRS Investigation Never 'Got Off the Ground'

Wanda Carruthers, NewsMax

The DOJ's investigation into the targeting of conservative tea party groups isn't in earnest. "It took eight months before we had the first contact by an FBI agent.

Tea Party Lawsuit Against The IRS Expands To 41 Plaintiffs

A lawsuit brought by the American Center for Law and Justice against the IRS for selected political screening of nonprofits added 16 new plaintiffs Tuesday, bringing the total to 41 conservative and tea party groups seeking to sue the federal government, Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ, has announced.