Jeb Bush the great white hope of the Republican establishment

Jeb Bush campaigns in Iowa

Thomas Beaumont, The Globe and Mail

Viewed by many as the ultimate establishment Republican, thanks to his family ties, he set out to introduce himself to voters, one at a time, in the “retail” politics that defines the campaign for president in Iowa and the other early voting states. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker drew more applause than Mr. Bush, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie earned more laughs.

Inside Jeb Bush's ‘shock and awe’ launch

Ben White and Marc Caputo

While close Bush watchers began to doubt whether Jeb Bush was really serious about running, he and a close-knit group of advisers were following a careful plan aimed at maximizing his chances of winning the nomination, if and when he gave the thumbs up. Their strategy of quietly laying the groundwork for a launch caught much of Washington – and many of his