Jim Cramer

Tech Giants Lobbying For Amnesty Busted For Screwing American Workers

The same companies that illegally suppressed the wages of American workers have also been complicit in the NSA's illegal snooping and are adept at circumventing user privacy and avoiding their tax obligations in ways that would make the old nineteenth century robber barons blush. Now they are lobbying for amnesty for illegal aliens and the admission of more "techno-coolies" when half of American IT grads aren't being hired in their field. Please click the link to stop Silicon Valley’s latest wage suppression scheme and start rebuilding the American economy today.

The Talladega Economy

The Republican establishment and the cheap labor wing of Big Business want to continue to suppress wages and job growth for American citizens by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and opening the borders to more low-skilled immigrants. How does this make sense with the civilian labor force participation rate at its lowest level in 36 years?

Take Care of U.S. Citizens First

Bill Hoffmann, Newsmax

The U.S. needs to focus on getting jobs for U.S. citizens instead of hiring immigrants and making deals with other nations for cheap labor, says Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money." "Can we just help people get jobs who live here? We have so many problems in our country," Cramer said.