Joe Biden

Assault on America, Day 197: Will Joe Biden’s fib obsession lead to calls for Hillary to run?

Whether or not Hillary Clinton eventually decides to enter the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden’s fate depends on how long he maintains the appearance of viability. Once Democrat voters see through the former Obama VP’s ruse the end will come quickly. Will Hillary then pick up the pieces?

Pushups won't make Biden campaign strong

Byron York, Washington Examiner

What's concerning to Biden supporters are the signs Biden is not running at full strength, that he's lost a step. Biden isn't without strengths. He is still well ahead in the national polls, as well as early-state polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. He is still raising a lot of money, although much of it comes from large donors who have hit the legal contribution limit, while other candidates have lots of small donors who can give again and again and still stay under the limit. But Biden, the man who has spent more than four decades in federal office, still has to convince voters he has what it takes for four, and perhaps eight, more years. So far, he hasn't gotten that job done.

Assault on America, Day 196: How Trump sidestepped Paul Ryan’s lessons on government

President Trump’s battle against the Washington elites is just getting started, and if the ruling class gets its way, he’ll not only lose the fight, he’ll be shamed and drummed out of town. Paul Ryan is relieved to be away from it all -- here’s hoping more establishmentarians follow him into retirement.

Assault on America, Day 195: Today’s warped Dems wish everyone was a needy illegal alien

No matter how much we wish it, the illegal immigration issue isn’t going away. In today’s toxic political environment, the only thing that can be done is to try and plug the enormous gaps in the balky border system -- or to vote in politicians who see reality and crave to do something about it.

Middle-Class Joe Cashes In

Rich Lowry, National Review

Biden is by no means the lead scourge of the wealthy in the Democratic field. He’s been outflanked on this issue by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who herself made nearly a million dollars last year. At a recent fundraiser, he said that rich people shouldn’t be demonized. Of course, Biden was talking to a room of fellow rich people. On CNN the other night, he was back as usual to calling himself Middle-Class Joe. It’s probably too much to ask him to give up that shopworn self-image. Still, he and many of his colleagues would be truer to how they live their own lives if they began to more fully embrace and promote the idea of their fellow Americans getting rich.

In South Carolina, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in black and white

Byron York, Washington Examiner

It is still too early to see a definitive pattern in South Carolina. Back in 2007 and 2008, Hillary Clinton was leading in the Democratic primary race here, but when black voters realized Barack Obama was the real deal, not a protest or show horse candidate, they flocked to support him. That could, perhaps, be a model for Harris, in the Obama role, and Biden, in the Clinton role. "Hillary was popular early in 2008, but Obama devastated her in the last month," said David Woodard. "Now, the old Hillary Clinton base of liberals who don't fear UC Berkeley roots might be a potential group for Harris to rally. If that happens, and Harris wins here, it could be the end of Biden."

Assault on America, Day 194: When it comes to Democrat nut-jobs, Tom Steyer takes 1st prize

Tom Steyer’s entrance into the Democrat presidential race will shake things up -- for a while -- but it’s impossible to tell how he will impact the long-term results. Like all Democrat candidates, Steyer lacks a reason for existing -- and they all look like dull pewter compared to solid gold Donald Trump.

Assault on America, Day 191: Leftists champion losers while dissing Thomas Jefferson’s holiday

Honoring the Founding Fathers and the United States flag should be a no-brainer for Americans, but the cultural rot that’s relentlessly advanced by the left is present all around us. At the very least the past deserves respect and educated perspective. Is it really too much to ask today?

Can This Be True? Trump Ties With ‘Unnamed Socialist’

In its matchups of Trump versus Democratic candidates, a recent poll asked people to choose between the president and an unnamed “Democratic candidate who you regard as a socialist.” The result: A tie. Trump, 46%; Socialist, 46%. Among likely voters, the split was Trump 49%, unnamed socialist 43%.

Assault on America, Day 190: How many GOPers will follow Justin Amash out of Republican-land?

Justin Amash won his fifteen minutes of fame when he bolted from the Republican Party last week, but will anyone think about him six months from now? As a member of the GOP, Amash had a platform to speak as an outsider; now he’s just a political eccentric without a voice and no friends.

The lynching of the only Democratic hope

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

When one of the dwarfs demanded that Joe apologize for keeping a civil tongue in the company of Jim Eastland, Herman Talmadge and other Southerners in the Senate, his first reaction was to demand an apology for himself, for the imputation of racism because he practiced basic good manners in the workplace. But in Joe’s country courage is held cheap, and quickly fades. He had to be housebroken. He finally apologized for working with Messrs. Eastland and Talmadge, both now dead, and then apologized a day later for his apology not being apologetic enough. Such is grim life in Joe’s country, where the Democratic powers that be are determined to set up a slam dunk for Donald Trump.

Far-Left Billionaire Whacko Tom Steyer Enters Democrat Primary

The Democratic Party wisemen in Washington can’t be happy with Tom Steyer’s announcement because it will be that much harder for them to move to the center for the November election with Steyer pushing the other Democrats even further to the Left on impeachment, global warming and abortion, while ramping-up the anti-free market rhetoric.

Assault on America, Day 189: Party pooper 2020 Dems belittle national joy and military honors

It does seem possible to run out of things to complain about, especially if you’re talking about President Trump, the American economy and the successful recovery from eight years of incompetence and malfeasance under Barack Obama. Americans are starting to pay attention -- what will they see?

Who Really Believes Biden Can Beat Trump?

David Catron, The American Spectator

The perception among Democratic voters is that Joe Biden is an astute, formidable politician and thus the only candidate able to beat Trump without driving the country over the socialist cliff. The Democrats don’t like Trump, but they do like peace and prosperity, which they mistakenly believe emerged from what the former VP calls the “Obama-Biden” agenda. But sooner or later, as the old Sinatra song puts it, he’ll spoil it all by saying something stupid. And if he manages to get the Democratic nomination, a couple of rounds in the ring with Donald Trump will make him nostalgic for the old days when Senator Harris kicked his posterior. Joe Biden is a fraud.

Eric Swalwell Nukes His Campaign For President

Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Far-Left California Democrat Congressman who famously reminded gun owners that the government has nuclear weapons should they choose to resist his gun confiscation schemes, is abandoning his presidential campaign. But that doesn’t mean Democrats will abandon their plans to try to confiscate your guns should they ever obtain the power to do so.

Assault on America, Day 188: Radicalism and tyranny to define the next Democrat president

Conservatives should be willing to put their money where their mouth is next year when President Trump takes on his socialistic out-of-touch Democrat opponent. Democrat presidential candidates have sworn they’ll accomplish their aims by any means necessary. Would the republic survive?

Assault on America, Day 187: Independence Day and the crisis in Democrat electoral confidence

Independence Day means more than an excuse to get together with friends, consume adult beverages and host outdoor barbecues. It’s a time to reflect on the value of freedom and truth -- and the threats to those precious rights we’re seeing right now from Democrats of all ages.

Assault on America, Day 182: Would Portland's authorities care if Antifa killed someone?

There’s virtually no end to the hypocrisy propounded by the left. And it’s not just the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates doing the holier-than-thou value judging -- it’s anyone arguing people deserve punishment for their political beliefs. Where does it go from here? We’re almost afraid to find out.

President Trump Was Right About Sleepy Joe Biden

Candace Owens, American Greatness

Joe Biden has always been a consummate politician. He has recanted, apologized, caved, and adopted the intersectional party line on each and every one of these issues, and plenty of others, too. For years, he has conspicuously self-flagellated in public appearances, extolling, for example, how great it is that America is becoming minority-white. He’s clearly aware that his “unbearable whiteness” requires him to atone for his membership in the oppressor’s club. President Trump was the first to notice that Biden has “lost a step,” but everyone who witnessed the former vice president’s performance in Miami is now painfully aware of just how accurate the president’s observation really was.

Democrats Hate It When Peace Breaks Out

Trump as a successful peacemaker on the Korean Peninsula does not help the Democrats defeat him in the 2020 election, so the Democrats and their media allies have suddenly become adverse to peace with North Korea and prefer what was known during the Cold War as brinksmanship or a reversion to the failed policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.