Joel Kotkin

Why Tech Giants Joined The Red – Green Axis Against Trump

Tech firms aren’t opposing President Trump’s immigration orders to defend the rule of law, quite the opposite, they have joined forces with the radical Left because they are the primary beneficiaries of the kind of crony capitalism that Donald Trump has promised to end, and joining the Red – Green Axis provides them with the shock troops in the streets that they need to protect their power and profits.

Tech Giants Lobbying For Amnesty Busted For Screwing American Workers

The same companies that illegally suppressed the wages of American workers have also been complicit in the NSA's illegal snooping and are adept at circumventing user privacy and avoiding their tax obligations in ways that would make the old nineteenth century robber barons blush. Now they are lobbying for amnesty for illegal aliens and the admission of more "techno-coolies" when half of American IT grads aren't being hired in their field. Please click the link to stop Silicon Valley’s latest wage suppression scheme and start rebuilding the American economy today.