John Conyers

Totally Revamp the Ethics Committees and the Office of Compliance

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Time for a big change. At this moment when an extraordinary number of charges are coming out of the woodwork, seemingly by the minute -- some probably false, but quite a number apparently true -- we need a totally transparent Ethics Committee system.  The two committees should be completely revamped along with the Office of Compliance.

John Conyers Is the Furthest Thing From an 'Icon'

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Conyers was far from alone in the "victimology" strategy. The Democratic Party is fully responsible. That party's fervent embrace of reactionary identity politics creates and even deifies John Conyers and Maxine Waters at the expense of African American leaders who are genuinely forward-thinking and don't regard black people as victims -- a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I were an African American, I would despise the Democratic Party for what it has done to black people.

The Rules Don’t Apply To Democrat Bigwigs Like Rep. John Conyers

“Your story won’t do shit to him,” said a former staffer for Democratic Rep. John Conyers. “He’s untouchable.” Based on the Bill Clinton and Al Franken precedents it looks like the former staffer is right – at least if you are a powerful Democrat.

Congress Suffers From Senility Of Purpose And Principles

The 115th Congress is among the oldest in history; 18 of the 33 Senators running for reelection in 2018 will be 65 or older, but we think Congress is failing not because it suffers ill effects from aging, but because it suffers from senility of purpose and principles.

Presidential Election Integrity Commission Meets – Left Goes Nuts

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, it is the affair of every honest voter, wherever born, to see that no fraudulent voting is allowed anywhere. Which begs the question, if Democrats are so opposed to investigating illegal voting, are they honest voters?

Tea Partier, Dem Slash Patriot Act

Brendan Sasso and Jennifer Martinez, The Hill

Justin Amash and John Conyers will draft a bill to limit the Act’s spying powers. But will it work?