John Kasich for President

John Kasich May Be Trump’s Worst Option For VP

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

In Part 3 of his series on Donald Trump's potential VP candidates CHQ Richard A. Viguerie explains that, as the Republican National Convention gets closer and the field of potential vice presidential candidates narrows, and the Republican establishment gets more desperate to retain its power, the likelihood increases that there will be a final push to put an establishment “unity” candidate on the ticket with Donald Trump. And who better – or worse from the conservative perspective – than Convention host state Governor John Kasich?

The Obama – Soros Radical Leftist Revolution Is Here

Leftist billionaire George Soros has put at least $12,460,121 into the Black Lives Matter movement and the shadowy radical Leftist network that funds it for one purpose and one purpose only – to destroy the “white” American core of capitalism, free markets, limited government and American traditional culture and values. And that $12 million doesn't include the $700,000 Soros entities have put into supporting Republican open borders advocate John Kasich for President.

Former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott endorses John Kasich

Tom LoBianco, CNN

Former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott announced Tuesday he is endorsing Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich. Lott's endorsement adds to big pickups by Kasich recently, including Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and veteran New Hampshire Republican Tom Rath.

Kasich Gets In Presidential Race, Conservatives Skeptical

What we heard in John Kasich’s announcement speech was more reminiscent of George H.W. Bush and his failed "kinder and gentler" Big Government Republicanism, than of Reagan's successful conservatism. But as the popular Governor of Ohio, a “must win” state for Republican presidential candidates, and with a strong conservative record on spending and fiscal issues, Governor Kasich is well positioned to make a run for the White House.

Kasich still unsure of presidential intentions

Zach Gase, Columbus Sun Times

On Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke at a luncheon hosted in Washington by the Christian Science Monitor he said without the proper “resources, you can’t do it.” He also said he does not have a specific date when he will make an announcement on whether or not he will run.