John Koskinen

More Abject Failure from Koskinen’s IRS

Alan Joel, Red State

John Koskinen has done virtually nothing to restore the trust of the IRS to the American people. Koskinen is aware of many issues and irregularities, and yet he has yet to crack down on practices or implement stringent rules among his employees. His leadership has been derelict; his attitude abysmal.

Stonewall Koskinen

Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal

The IRS commissioner was supposed to clean up the mess. Instead, he's running interference. The Koskinen fail is now becoming a central political focus, as Republicans and even some Democrats question his tenure.

Outrageous IRS False Claim: 'We Follow the Law'

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen made a disturbing statement before Congress that the IRS follows the law “whenever we can.” As Thomas Lifson wrote, “The law, to Koskinen, evidently is a suggestion, not an ironclad requirement.” Actually, the situation is even worse than that.

7 Questions Cruz Asked Obama IRS On Their Targeting Breitbart w/ Overreaching Audit

Tea Party News Network Staff

Ted Cruz wasted no time writing a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding the audit calling out the Obama IRS for behaving like a partisan political organization and questioning the decision to audit a conservative news outlet.

Trey Gowdy Destroys IRS Comm. Over Non-Compliance

Katie Pavlich, TownHall

IRS Commissioner Koskinen has changed his story about "lost" IRS emails multiple times. Yesterday Trey Gowdy took him to task over inconsistent statements and slow walking the investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups. 

How to Control IRS, 'Untouchable' Bureaucrats

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Washington Examiner

The way to control the epidemic of gov't law-breaking is to allow citizen victims to sue, and legislate personal liability for bureaucrats guilty of willfully illegal conduct. We should initiate legislation and add private remedies to its platform. Bureaucrats must face the consequences.

Contractor: Easy to Find Lerner's 'Lost' Emails

Alana Cook, WND

The CEO of a major a fed. contractor, which has several contracts with the Treasury Dept., says it should be easy for IRS contractors to retrieve the “lost” emails of Lois Lerner, and says it's 'very unlikely' they're 'not stored on backup machine.'

Issa Calls On WHouse Attorney to Testify On IRS Email Scandal

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Darrell Issa requested the testimony of White House’s Jennifer O’Connor at next Tues.’s hearing on the IRS lost emails. O’Connor worked at the IRS during its conservative targeting scandal. Issa thinks she “knew or should have known” that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails were missing.

IRS: New Rule Coming for Tax-Exempt Groups

Susan Page, USA Today

The IRS is prepared to rewrite a proposed rule regulating the political activities of non-profit groups to address complaints from the right and left that it goes too far, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said.

The IRS Digs in its Heels

Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen plays dumb in the matter of Lois Lerner and the targeting of conservatives.

Republicans Unload on the IRS

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Leading GOP lawmakers are urging the IRS to withdraw new proposed rules governing tax-exempt groups, casting the regulations as an political power play meant to silence conservatives. Boehner and McConnell are among the 10 Repubs. asking the IRS chief to pull back on the regulations.

New IRS Chief Apologizes to Tea Party

Fox News Staff

The new head of the IRS, John Koskinen, has apologized to those who suffered because of the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, after he testified before a House subcommittee for the first time.

IRS Whines That OCare Has Depleted Its Funds

Patrick Temple-West, Thomson-Reuters

The IRS may need to spend money on its Obamacare implementation at the expense of other agency programs due to budget constraints, its new commissioner said.

New IRS Chief Sees End to TeaParty Investigation

Kendall Breitman, USA Today

John Koskinen, the new head of the IRS, said he believes the agency is "on the home stretch" of completing the investigations into possible political targeting of Tea Party groups. However, a GOP spokeswoman said the process has taken much longer than needed because the IRS resisted congressional document requests.