Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris's anti-vaccine flirtation is dangerously irresponsible

Editors, Washington Examiner

Even a safe and effective vaccine may not work for everybody. So the only way to succeed is for a large enough percentage of the population to take the vaccine to achieve herd immunity. Harris’s comments, even if she backtracks, fuel distrust. Now, even if the FDA approves a vaccine and public health officials vouch for it, people will be more suspicious of whether they were pressured into doing so and whether dissenting voices were “muzzled.” And what happens if Trump is reelected? Any vaccine released over the next four years would be greeted with similar suspicions.

Yes, Vote Fraud Is Real

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said after filing a court brief in July. “We should be talking about how to strengthen our systems against misdeeds done out of the sight of election officials in 2020 instead of defending an imperfect system from total ruin. The plaintiffs are only raising the threat of worsening the settled fact that voter fraud is most common in the mail.”

Trump Takes The Viguerie Path To Victory

Republicans never, ever win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda— drawing a sharp contrast between the Democrat worldview and the conservative worldview. And judging by this week’s convention, and President Trump’s acceptance speech, that contrast is going to be sharply drawn – there will be no pale pastels in the 2020 Trump campaign.

How To End The Republican National Convention With A Bang

Respecting religious liberty and protecting institutions from the encroachment of overweening secular authorities are central tenets of today’s Republican Party. Renewing that commitment with an Executive Order declaring religious assemblies to be “essential activities” would not only be the right thing to do in the face of religious discrimination from Democrat Governors and Mayors, it would send a message that would carry straight through to Election Day.

Maximo Alvarez And The Speech That Explains The 2020 Election

Most of the media seemed to miss the most important part of Mr. Maximo Alvarez's electrifying Republican national Convention speech, but what he said was not just a message; it is THE message conservatives must pound into the consciousness of establishment Republicans and others on the Center-Right who seem to view 2020 as just another election. There. Is. Nowhere. Left. To. Go.

Our Advice For The GOP Convention

As CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie pointed out in his book “TAKEOVER” Republicans never, ever win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda— drawing a sharp contrast between the Democrat worldview and the conservative worldview. Which means Republicans must make this week’s convention all about the Democrats’ agenda, not about Joe Biden’s lack of mental acuity and Kamala Harris’s lack of personality and principles.

Kamala Harris Has Only Two Principles

We agree with Tucker Carlson, Kamala Harris is the “single most transactional human being in America.” Harris even beats out Hillary Clinton in that regard, and that’s saying a lot. But Kamala Harris is not without principles – it’s just that the two principles she has held most consistently, detestation of religious people in general and virulent hatred of Catholics in particular, should frighten every American.

Kamala Harris Won’t Motivate Minority Voters

David Catron, The American Spectator

The Biden campaign’s decision to nominate Kamala Harris was an act of desperation, and indications thus far suggest that it won’t help him with minority turnout. Indeed, President Trump appears to have been the primary beneficiary of the virtual Democratic National Convention. Katie Pavlich reports at Townhall that his approval rating went up four points after Wednesday night’s snoozefest. Unless you believe that former VP Joe Biden knocked it out of the park last week, he and Harris are about to endure the dreaded dead cat bounce from their nominating convention.

Kamala Harris would rather talk platitudes than divulge her agenda

Editors, Washington Examiner

Since clinching the nomination, Democrat Joe Biden has moved decidedly leftward on economics, healthcare, and climate policy, and there is every reason to believe that Kamala Harris would push him in that direction were they to take office. Harris’s extremism is especially relevant given Biden’s advanced age. Were he elected, he would be older on day one than Ronald Reagan was on the day he left office. By the middle of his first term, Biden would surpass 80. Given the rigors of office, it isn’t crazy to imagine that Harris will be a uniquely influential vice president.

Feel the Exciting Excitement of Kamalamania

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Conservatives prefer to take people as individuals. Kamala Harris was picked because she checked boxes, and the same people who think it was important that her relatives came from Africa, or India, or wherever, think her cervix status is important too. None of it is. Not at all. But what is important is she has a track record of naked ambition and that she is using leftist tyranny as her hobby horse to ride to power. She is a terrible risk to all of us who love freedom, and we're going to say so no matter how many memos the Left circulates announcing that we're not allowed to.

Kamala Harris has the right skin color for Joe Biden ... and nothing else

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Joe Biden selected a running mate based on the color of her skin. He rejected other candidates based on the color of their skin. He did this openly and without apology. Think about that for a moment. Let that sink in. In the year 2020, more than six decades after America desegregated public schools, a nominee for president from a major political party brazenly displayed outright racism in picking a running mate. It is a mockery of everything Martin Luther King fought for. A perversion of the entire civil rights movement. These people are truly sick, sick to their very souls.

Kamala Harris Is An Anchor Baby, Not A ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Of The United States

The circumstances of Kamala Harris’s birth amount to birth tourism where the child is born in the geographic confines of the United States for the sole purpose of obtaining American citizenship and then whisked off to another country, only to return when and if being an American is economically advantageous. That leads us to conclude Harris is not a “natural born citizen," rather, she is more like America’s most high profile and least grateful anchor baby.

Did Biden Just Paint Himself into a Corner?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

People want their cops back, and leftist politicians and police are coming into increasing conflict. Undeniably, Trump has his problems. But it is not certain that Biden's sheltering in his basement and issuing his milquetoast responses to Portland, Seattle and the shootings, lootings and killings in Chicago, will prevail on Nov. 3 over Trump's boisterous campaign call to crack down on criminals, go back to school, get back to work and "play ball." Biden-Harris looks like a ticket content to sit on its lead and ride to victory in November, the way Governor Dewey did in 1948.

Will the Real Kamala Harris Please Stand Up?

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

Politics forces Harris to portray a character called “Kamala Harris.” The genuine article possesses a beautiful genetic tapestry of humanity who, like everyone else, contains a mass of contradictions — Does she pay reparations for her slave-owning ancestors or receive them on behalf of her enslaved forebears? — and reorientations, e.g., she wanted to preserve private health insurance before she wanted to abolish it before she wanted to preserve it, she played a tough prosecutor before morphing into a BLM marcher, etc. People aren’t as black-and-white as politics has become.

Joe and Kamala's Fact-Mangling Debut

Tim Graham, CNS News

The new Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket debuted in Delaware on Aug. 12, followed by the typically frantic, partisan sugar-sculpting competition on cable "news." The energetic promoters of "independent fact-checkers" — who want "real-time" fact-checking of President Donald Trump — couldn't muster any effort to evaluate this thunderclap of leftist rhetoric echoing in a nearly empty high school gym. The nation's most influential newspapers largely skipped over many of these troubling quotes in their accounts. Did that occur because they knew how unfactual these claims were?

Urgent Letter To President Trump - Chaos And Fraud Central Elements Of Biden - Harris Campaign

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Dear Mr. President:

 Americans elected you because you are a fighter for the American people and American values.

Biden–Harris Too Weak to Resist Socialist Wing of Their Party

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Gradually, or perhaps immediately, the left would get their way in Biden and Harris’s administration, should they be elected. It’s hard to see another scenario. And then it will keep going further … and further … as such things do. Which makes Election 2020 that “most important ever,” the last bastion of capitalism if you happen to think, as I do, that it’s vastly superior to socialism. What it comes to is this: Whether we like him or not, whether we see him as ironic or heroic or both, Donald Trump is now the defender of Adam Smith over Karl Marx. He’s our last, best hope.

Kamala Harris: Advocate for Injustice

Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator

I’ve been writing about Harris since the state’s voters promoted her from San Francisco district attorney to state attorney general, and will boil down everything you should know in only two points. First, as a top prosecutor she strongly opposed the kind of criminal justice reforms that Democrats now support. Second, Harris used her power as attorney general to advance partisan interests rather than promote fairness — something that AGs are, at some level, supposed to do. When Harris had her hands on the levers of power, she didn’t use them to promote fairness or justice.

Kamala Harris Is No Moderate

Editors, National Review

Many Democrats and Republicans understand a Biden presidency might very well evolve into a kind of regency in which the fragile-seeming and forgetful man who would be 82 years old at the end of his first term acts as a placeholder until a suitable replacement comes of age, as it were. The leading candidate for such a successor would be his vice president, in this case a self-serving and dishonest politico who was moderately corrupt as an attorney general, moderately abusive as a senator, and now moderately dangerous to the rule of law. Americans should be moderately terrified.

Democratic Party sets rules for criticizing Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

What’s being attempted by these Democratic women operatives is the ultimate in sexism — a demand that Democratic women in the arena, of any complexion, be treated differently, as though they can’t handle the heat. Democrats have established an environment where people’s lives are destroyed with one accusation of racism or sexism and now that danger is weaved into this warning. It is meant to make reporters, producers and executives unsure and even afraid about who and what to cover lest they become a target of the woke, and now violent, mob. How about how Sarah Palin was treated?