Kellyanne Conway

100 Days of Trump: Conservatives seek return of the 2016 version of Donald Trump

Is it too much to ask for the Donald Trump of 2016 to come back and bust up Washington? Plus, Another outrageous ruling by a liberal judge could bring out the “old” Trump, and, After nearly 100 days the press is still wondering what’s ‘wrong’ with Melania Trump.

The President’s Gary Cohn Problem: The First Article In An Ongoing Series

When one sifts through all of the evidence and clues as to why the President’s economic and domestic policy agenda remain not only unfulfilled, but unarticulated, one problem keeps coming to the fore: The appointment of former Goldman Sachs President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn to head the President’s National Economic Council.

What President Trump Doesn’t Get About the Freedom Caucus

What President Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that when establishment Republicans talk about “governing” and “legislating” what they really mean is growing government at a slightly slower pace or to benefit a different set of cronies than the Democrats would if they were in power.