Liberal Supreme Court Appointees

How the first liberal Supreme Court in a generation could reshape America

Dylan Matthews, VOX

Liberal writer Dylan Matthews says if Donald Trump wins in November, hopes for a liberal court are all moot. But if he loses, the dawn of a new era of liberal jurisprudence could be upon us.

Counting the cost of a Supreme Court lost to the Left

Hugh Hewitt, The Washington Examiner

The fact is that the confirmation of even one Hillary Clinton nominee to the Supreme Court will turn the court in a hard left, almost certainly irreversible direction. This isn't really debatable. But my premise that this reality compels a vote for Trump turns out to be very debatable.

Why Does Ginsburg Want to Kill The Poor?

Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, having decided for some inexplicable reason to do a long interview with a fashion mag, reaffirmed the most important things we know about her: her partisanship, her elevation of politics over law, and her desire to see as many poor children killed as is feasibly possible.

Obama: We’re Going to Have SCOTUS Appointments

Joel Gehrke, National Review

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just reiterated her plan to stay on the bench. “We’re going to have SCOTUS appointments,” Obama said to motivate donors during a DSCC fundraiser. There are 4 SCOTUS justices over the age of 70.