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Rubio's Senate support splinters

Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim, Politico

After Marco Rubio spent months building support on Capitol Hill, his network of congressional backing is on the verge of fracturing. In interviews with POLITICO, some of Rubio's endorsers and quiet supporters are openly weighing backing Ted Cruz — who is viewed increasingly as a better option than Donald Trump.

Five tough questions for Marco Rubio

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign is on life support after a terrible night in Tuesday’s primaries. Few close to Rubio can be cheery about his prospects, and the candidate, an overwhelming favorite of the Republican establishment, is now facing some uncomfortable questions — starting with Florida’s primary.

Conservative Leaders Demand Trump Disclose Hidden Tax Returns

The American people have a right to know that the man or woman who would lead them is beyond reproach in matters of personal finances. If you will not make your returns public we can only assume, at this point, that you are hiding something. Something which, if revealed, could seriously damage your quest for the White House.

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Trust Cruz More Than Trump

A plurality of 45% of conservatives say Cruz is more honest than Trump, while 38% give Trump the edge. Trump’s attacks on Cruz as a liar appear to have had little effect except among Trump’s own voters.

Where’s The Establishment GOP’s #NeverHillary Hashtag?

If the Republican establishment really cares about the future of this country and wants to win in November it is time for them to end the #NeverTrump campaign, get Rubio and Kasich out of the race, and join us in backing Ted Cruz and taking up the #NeverHillary campaign.

CNN stands by Rubio story, cancels interview with campaign spokesman

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

CNN cancelled a scheduled interview Monday evening with Marco Rubio's communications director, a move that comes as the cable news network continues to defend a report claiming the Florida senator's inner circle has been thrown into chaos.

It’s Time to Unite Behind Ted Cruz. Right Now.

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Ted Cruz may or may not win in November. Ted Cruz may or may not be the guy you would prefer, if you had your ‘druthers. But the alternative to Ted Cruz is the complete ruination of the Republican party and thus the country as a whole.

Marco Rubio’s bad campaign

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Marco Rubio is a wonderful guy and a heck of a politician, but his campaign is terrible and he is ultimately responsible for it. Over a month ago, some of his congressional supporters were telling me that Rubio needed a complete campaign shake up. That shake up never came and his campaign has been more of a donor shake down ever since. They have nothing substantive in place. It’s sad. He has been ill served.

Donald Trump: The Anti-Tea Party Candidate

Tea Party Patriots leader Jenny Beth Martin made a powerful case against Donald Trump in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference this past Friday, and in it were points we think every conservative and Tea Party movement supporter should consider as they vote in their respective Republican primaries.

Rubio can't name states he's 'banking on' winning

Eliza Collins, Politico

Marco Rubio couldn’t name any states that he expects to win — just those he thinks he’ll be competitive in. In an interview on CNN Friday, Rubio was asked about his path to the Republican presidential nomination, which is looking increasingly narrower after a poor showing on Super Tuesday, when he won his first and only state so far: Minnesota.

Only Two Things Can Stop Trump

By Richard A. Viguerie
Ted Cruz did a good job in the debate last night, but from the perspective of my 50+ years in conservative politics at the national level, it is clear that only two things can stop Donald Trump now:  Trump himself or a united conservative movement.

Will the GOP establishment line up behind Ted Cruz now?

James Poulos, The Week

Cruz's fundamental strength in this weirdest of seasons pierced the veil of confusion last night. He's the best bet to beat Trump, same as he ever was. And for Marco Rubio, that's a heavy albatross to drag home to Florida on primary night.

Rubio and Kasich Make GOP’s Survival Hostage to Trump’s “Pledge”

Josh Hammer, The Resurgent

Consolidating behind Ted Cruz immediately—#CruzOrLose, as I like to refer to this—is hardly a guarantee to stop Trump before a brokered convention.  But there is no middle ground, at all, between this strategy and the brokered convention strategy.  I humbly submit that #CruzOrLose is the better option.