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In Celebration Of Ted Cruz’s Tough Tactics In Iowa

Much as the Iowa losers would like to make it otherwise, Hillary Clinton is going to run a smart, technologically savvy, in the moment, ruthless wedge-issue-driven campaign and trying to defeat the Clinton machine using the rules of etiquette as taught at a finishing school for little girls is a sure formula for defeat.

Cruz: Washington Cartel Torn Between Rubio and Trump, Both Cronyists That Are Viewed As Dealmakers

Ian Hanchett, Breitbart

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz argued that both fellow candidates Florida Senator Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump will “continue the cronyism” and are viewed as dealmakers by the Washington cartel, which is “divided” between the two on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Media declares Marco Rubio's third place finish the real victory of the Iowa caucus

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

The going theory is that by managing expectations effectively, and by beating all poll-based predictions regarding how he'd perform in the Hawkeye State, Rubio actually "won" Monday night by proving he's a genuine contender and that his campaign is "surging."

Rick Santorum’s Bizarre and Hypocritical Endorsement of Marco Rubio

Rick Santorum attempted to present himself as an advocate for the all but forgotten interests of America’s working men and women, yet when Santorum exited the campaign he hypocritically chose to endorse Senator Marco Rubio – the leading advocate of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens; the very policies that Santorum campaigned against.

Sorry Rush, You Missed It On Rubio

We think Rush missed it big time with his comment about Senator Rubio because, based on his record going back to when he was in the Florida legislature, if Marco Rubio is a “full throated conservative” it is because he is all talk on our issues.

Two Cubans and Black Man Walk Into An Election

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

It is worth noting that in 2016, the Party of Lincoln gave 60% of its vote in Iowa to two Cubans and a black man. On the other side, the only contestants in play are old, white, and of varying degrees of socialism. This is a big deal. The GOP has, for a long time, been stereotyped as the party of white men, but since the rise of the tea party, the GOP has been replacing old white men with younger politicians of varying races.

Cruz Crushes Trump And Rubio In Iowa

Despite the millions of dollars spent against him, the opposition of the entire Republican political establishment and the media fascination with Donald Trump, last night Ted Cruz proved that, when given the choice, voters will vote for the principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate who sticks to his principles – and who runs a smart campaign.

What Donald Trump voters really care about and why he can’t help them

For Donald Trump’s backers, it all boils down to one thing – Trump is a smart, blunt-talking businessman who has succeeded his whole life and will fix things. He’s from outside the system and that’s enough. He’ll make great deals whereas all the previous government leaders have been too stupid to know a good deal if it smacked them across the face. But the Trump candidacy is a ruse. There’s only one candidate who can truly deliver on what they want.

iVoterGuide Has The Lowdown On Trump, Cruz And Rubio

Who is the real Ted Cruz?  Who is the real Donald Trump?  Who is the real Marco Rubio? To find critical facts necessary to answer questions about a candidate, many conservatives turn to   iVoterGuide has gathered all the facts about ALL of the candidates into one easy-to-use voter guide.

Marco Rubio Previously Paid Pollster Frank Luntz, Who Praised Rubio on Fox News

Patrick Howley, Breitbart

Pollster Frank Luntz got significant airtime to direct a post-debate focus group that unsurprisingly was very favorable to Rubio, the GOP establishment pick in the primary race. The focus group, featuring pre-selected ordinary Americans, was a love letter to Rubio. But Rubio actually had Luntz on his payroll at one time. GOP Establishment flacks cited Luntz’s post-debate focus group to defend Rubio’s subpar performance.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Establishment’s last shot fails to bag Ted Cruz

Thursday's debate proved there's plenty of life without Donald Trump. Plus, Crazy conspiracy theory: Trump is looking for an exit strategy; Death March of the undercard former Iowa winners; Candidates enjoy a seven-on-none power play against Trump, don’t even shoot the puck; With Trump gone, it was kick Ted Cruz night; Establishment vs. establishment, everyone loses, and, Summing it up – let’s get it started already.