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Florida poll: Murphy and Beruff lead, but half of voters want Rubio

Marc Caputo, Politico

Democratic congressman Patrick Murphy and Republican businessman Carlos Beruff are both nursing leads in their respective primaries to replace U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, according to a new poll that also suggests Florida voters still prefer the outgoing incumbent.

Marco Rubio Proves that Trump was Right About Him

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

I get that Rubio doesn’t want to spend the last few months of his public life involved in a jihad against Trump, but the things Rubio said – repeatedly – were totally incompatible with the idea of actively supporting Trump in the general.

Rubio Rants On Twitter: I Got This Politics Thing, So Back Off

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Okay, Senator Rubio. We get it. You know what you’re doing (because you have always known what you’re doing, right?). You have a plan, and have told nobody close to you what it is, because they would share it with unreliable reporters like Chris Cillizza.