Mike Huckabee

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Supreme Court tosses Trump a softball – will he blast it out of the park?

The Supreme Court injected immigration and judicial appointments right into the middle of the presidential race on Thursday and Trump should take advantage. Plus, The Donald’s anti-Hillary speech on Wednesday revealed Trump’s growth as a politician; CNN hires Corey Lewandowski, but we can’t quite figure out why, and, Gary Johnson knows he won’t win, so he just wants to get on TV.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrump completes the journey to Neverland

Even after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the #NeverTrump movement is insisting on finding a new candidate. Plus, Instead of supporting Trump’s position, the establishment hits The Donald after Orlando; Marco Rubio’s continued denials concerning running for reelection means he’s closer than ever to saying “yes”, and, Trump points fingers at Obama, Hillary and political correctness in anti-terror speech.