Mitch McConnell cave-in

Schlafly and Cruz Battle Surrender Monkey McConnell on Planned Parenthood

All we limited government constitutional conservatives want (really) is for Republican "leaders" to fulfill the constitutional role the Framers envisioned for Congress to act as a check on an overambitious and overweening President through the power of the purse. Phyllis Schlafly spoke for that simple demand in a recent column – Senator Ted Cruz gets it, so do Representatives Jim Bridenstine, Louie Gohmert, Mark Meadows and a few others. Why is it so hard for the sophisticated insiders of the Republican establishment to understand this?

Mitch McConnell to Conservatives: Drop Dead

McConnell’s vote for Lynch was a sort of “go to hell” moment that conservatives should recognize for what it is: Mitch McConnell saying directly to the conservative Republican grassroots and the conservative movement that opposed Lynch that, despite the fact that conservative voters handed back the Senate majority to the Republican Party in 2014 to make him Senate Majority Leader, he not only doesn’t care what they think, he will go out of his way to disrespect them and will vote with Democrats to confound conservative policy goals.

McConnell postpones Iran vote

Burgess Everett & Manu Raju, POLITICO

Mitch McConnell is postponing a vote on the Senate’s Iran legislation in the face of an expected Democratic filibuster. The Senate majority leader has decided to delay a Tuesday vote on legislation that would allow Congress to approve or reject any nuclear agreement that global powers reach to scale back Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Cruz, Sessions, Lee & Tea Party Patriots Wade In Against McConnell DHS Funding Betrayal

Mitch McConnell isn't trying to win the battle against Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, he's merely engaging in the old (and failed) Capitol Hill Republican tactic of trying to use legislative slight-of-hand to get him by the immediate pressure point – the February 27 deadline for funding the Department of Homeland Security. Please call your Representative and Senators TODAY (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them you want a strategy to WIN the battle against Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty, and that means DHS must be prohibited from spending any money on implementing that unconstitutional presidential power grab.