Mitch McConnell is not a conservative

McConnell Admits He “Boxes Out” Cruz – Helps Obama

Conservative policy success is an end in itself. It is what Republicans supposedly come to Congress to achieve and the idea that Republican leaders would oppose defeating Obama or stymieing his far-Left agenda because Ted Cruz might get the credit is beyond appalling – and it is the best argument we’ve heard yet for a complete house cleaning in the Capitol Hill Republican leadership.

Mitch McConnell to Conservatives: Drop Dead

McConnell’s vote for Lynch was a sort of “go to hell” moment that conservatives should recognize for what it is: Mitch McConnell saying directly to the conservative Republican grassroots and the conservative movement that opposed Lynch that, despite the fact that conservative voters handed back the Senate majority to the Republican Party in 2014 to make him Senate Majority Leader, he not only doesn’t care what they think, he will go out of his way to disrespect them and will vote with Democrats to confound conservative policy goals.

McConnell Declares War on Conservs.

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

McConnell has warned aides that those who defect to opponent Bevins camp will get "the death penalty." He's also behind the NRSC's blacklisting of a GOP ad firm, Jamestown Associates, for working with the Senate Conservative Fund, which is helping Bevin.