Movie Reviews

"Lone Survivor" Tells Real Story of Heroic Actions by Navy SEALs

Navy SEAL and Navy Cross recipient Marcus Luttrell's best-selling book Lone Survivor has been made into a full-length, feature film. Our friend LaDonna Hale Curzon,  executive producer and host of Sarah Palin Radio, says "Lone Survivor" is perhaps the most powerful war movie since "Saving Private Ryan" and it is not only worthy of your time to see it, but it is worthy of a few Academy Award nominations as well.

Why the Heck was This Ship Unarmed? Ben Hart Reviews “Captain Phillips”

I give ‘Captain Phillips’ a “B-minus” grade as entertainment -- though the crew says the movie is a complete lie -- plus throughout the movie I kept wondering why there was not a single gun on the ship, not so much as a pistol.