The Droppings of the Peacock Network

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The feathers on the Peacock Network are off and the liberal farce it has become is evident for all to see. Its hosts and guests can tell the most pathetic, panicky lies, never apologize for them, and still turn back up on the air. If it weren’t for double standards, as the saying goes, NBC wouldn’t have any at all.

Megyn Kelly’s Spectacular Flop into NBC Spotlight

Kathryn Blackhurst, Lifezette

Only two interviews into the inaugural run of NBC News’ “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” the former rising star and Fox News host is being walloped by criticism from all corners. Kelly’s Alex Jones headache arrived on the heels of her controversial and underwhelming debut: her June 4 interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Her debut was largely panned as weak.

President Trump’s Epic Beatdown of the Media Elite

Why does President Trump’s adversarial relationship with the establishment media seem to help him sell himself and his agenda? What could be better than getting your enemies in the media to provide you with a live broadcast documenting your beatdown of them.

Censored: Planned Parenthood Activists Clash with Police at #ProtestPP March

ABC and CBS, NBC would like you to believe there is some sort of moral equivalence between pro-life #ProtestPP and the vile conduct of Planned Parenthood supporters and so they didn't even hint at the conflict between police and Planned Parenthood supporters, but you can see it for yourself in the MRC's must see video.

It’s All About Me: The Cult of Megyn Kelly

Leesa K. Donner, CNS News

In the case of Ms. Kelly, reality has become a twisted and perverse exploration of identity. But make no mistake, Megyn Kelly may be the poster child for this plague of self that is sweeping across the broadcast news industry, but the disease has gone viral, and unfortunately for all of us, there may no longer be any way to contain it.

NBC offers GOP candidates airtime to match Trump

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

NBC has reached an agreement with the campaigns of several Republican presidential candidates to offer them equal airtime after Donald Trump hosted "Saturday Night Live” this month, according to multiple reports. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore and Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) will get time on 18 NBC affiliates in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on Friday and Saturday in prime-time, as well as on this weekend's “SNL."

Time for Conservative Cultural Surrender?

Brent Bozell, CNS News

Bozell answers an emphatic no. Instead, Republicans need to keep identifying the leftist extreme on the "culture wars" — those powerful liberals who mock people who are "bitter clingers" to their guns and religion.

Study: Even the MSMedia Seems to Be Giving Up on OCare

Rich Noyes, NewsBusters.org

A new study from the Media Research Center finds that ABC, CBS and NBC had apparently decided that ObamaCare was not a worthy topic for their evening newscasts. 

Networks Mad at A&E for Not Forcing Phil Robertson to Apologize

Hollie McKay, Fox News

"Several high-ranking executives have expressed upset over the way this all played out. The network execs think that in allowing Phil to come back so quickly and seamlessly, without apology, sets a bad standard.”

Big Corps Reducing Benefits to Avoid OCare Tax

Mary Katherine Hamm, Hot Air

Large companies— add ‘em to the small companies and individual market plans—are also reducing benefits, raising co-pays and deductibles to cope with Obamacare’s new costs.

NBC: Love Hillary, Shove Benghazi

Kyle Drennen, Media Research Center

On Sept. 11, NBC aired two segments celebrating Hillary Clinton's newest achievements while giving only 10 seconds on the anniversary of the Benghazi attacks.

CNN and NBC Call Priebus' Bluff on Hillary Shows, Now What?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday gave CNN and NBC less than two weeks to pull major projects on the life of Hillary Clinton. We think Priebus is bluffing and is merely throwing a little red meat to grassroots conservatives during the lull in the political news brought on every year when Congress leaves Washington for its August recess. Please tell us what you think by voting in today's Daily Debate poll.

GOP Threatens to Stop Being The Party of Stupid

Conservatives are fed-up with the Republican National Committee handing-over the primary season agenda to the liberals in the establishment media every four years. All RNC Chairman Reince Preibus is doing by threatening to pull out of debates sponsored by NBC and CNN is threatening that the GOP will finally stop being the Party of stupid.