National Anthem

Left-wing activist wants to replace 'Star-Spangled Banner' with Lennon's 'Imagine'

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Left-wing activist, Kevin Powell made the suggestion after rioters in San Francisco toppled a statue of Francis Scott Key. We don’t have to imagine what life would be without hope in Heaven, a nation of laws to secure life, civil rights and property, or faith in God to keep people from worshiping the state, themselves or other idols.  It would be Hell. Psalm 2 begins by asking, “Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing?” It’s been in front of us ever since protests of George Floyd’s killing on May 25 morphed into a violent revolution and societal cleansing worthy of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

New Ear to the Ground Poll: Cultural Divide Deepens in First Year of Trump Presidency

We have an exclusive look at a new poll conducted through the collaboration of and other individuals and organizations. The poll found Americans are deeply divided on the meaning of patriotism, the Constitution and how they viewed religion and prominent cultural brands and institutions.

Advice for NFL Team Owners, Players and Fans on Anthem Protests: The Solution Is Simple …

Mark Fitzgibbons, CNS News

During the next offseason, every NFL team owner and player should spend a week riding on patrol with police officers. That may give them a better perspective of injustices prevented. NFL team owners and players have the ability to save their sport from ignominy and contempt, and simultaneously demonstrate respect for conscience and dissent protected by our unifying, commonly shared American values.

National Anthem Protests and the Disappearing Democratic Party

Eddie Zipperer, Lifezette

Whatever a small, angry, leftist mob screams, the Democrats scribble it on a post-it note and jam it into their platform. And the more they become the party of fringe groups and phony fringe issues, the more their power will evaporate into the political ether.

Blowback Begins Against NFL #TakeTheKnee

A Denver car dealership founded by military hero Phil Long has pulled ads featuring Broncos player Von Miller who, along with many other members of the team, took a knee during the national anthem before Sunday's loss to Seattle.

Whose Side Are You On, President Trump’s Or The NFL’s?

Rooting for one NFL team to beat another is like rooting for MSNBC to beat CNN – it’s not about sports – it is merely two giant corporations, mired in political correctness, battling to win the ratings game on TV. What do you think? Tell us by clicking this link to take our NFL vs Trump poll.

Colin Kaepernick Has Every Right To Be A Selfish Idiot

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

It would be more productive if he could take his $114 million and use it to help some of those who would appreciate his help. In the end, this is America. It’s a free country. And Colin Kaepernick is free to be an idiot.

Out In Real America: Mission Barbecue Sings The National Anthem At Lunch

There’s nothing hokey about Mission Barbecue’s commitment to honoring America’s veterans, active duty military personnel and the first responders who protect and defend us every day; at 12:00 Noon, at the height of the lunch hour, the whole crew and patrons stop what they’re doing to sing America’s National Anthem.