Obama Amnesty

CHQ Exclusive: New GOP Poll Voters Say Boehner Out Tea Party In

A new poll of Republican voters, released to a select group of media including CHQ, found the GOP base deeply distrustful of their existing congressional leadership Only 25 percent of GOP voters want to keep John Boehner as Speaker, 60 percent want Boehner replaced and 57 percent identify with the Tea Party movement.

Sen. Johnson Provides Evidence Capitol Hill GOP Leaders OK With Obama’s Amnesty

Wisconsin's establishment Republican Senator Ron Johnson told The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler, that Democrats have already gotten their half of the bargain through Mr. Obama’s unilateral action. This tells us Johnson and the Capitol Hill GOP establishment have no intention whatsoever of overturning Obama’s amnesty – rather than fight Obama they plan to move on to giving the tech industry what it wants, millions of “techno-coolie” visas.