Obama Iran nuclear weapons deal

No resolution supporting Obama's Iran deal at DNC meeting

Dan Balz and Philip Rucker, The Washington Post

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats.

Christie urges Booker, Congress to oppose Iran deal

Michael Catalini, AP

The Iran nuclear agreement is a bad deal and Congress should vote to block it, including an undecided U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday as he stood alongside Jewish leaders.

Kerry Claims ‘You Can’t Pass a Treaty Anymore’

Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO

In one of the many mind-bending moments in Secretary of State John Kerry’s congressional testimony in support of President Obama’s Iran deal, he explained that the administration could not treat the deal as a treaty because, well, nowadays it is just too hard to get a treaty approved. In fact, Kerry claimed, “It has become physically impossible.”

A nuclear Iran is now guaranteed

Hugh Hewitt, The Washington Examiner

President Obama's catastrophic tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania, like Hillary Clinton's catastrophic tenure at Foggy Bottom (the Russian "reset," the trial run for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the launching of the Libyan chaos, the hasty withdrawal from Iraq and the subsequent vacuum into which the Islamic State moved) will be remembered hardly at all once Iran gets the bomb as now guaranteed.

The Iran Deal’s Fatal Flaw

Alan J. Kuperman, The New York Times

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S main pitch for the pending nuclear deal with Iran is that it would extend the “breakout time” necessary for Iran to produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, that claim is false, as can be demonstrated with basic science and math. By my calculations, Iran’s actual breakout time under the deal would be approximately three months — not over a year. Thus, the deal would be unlikely to improve the world’s ability to react to a sudden effort by Iran to build a bomb.

Obama is waging an all-out campaign for non-existant Iran deal


Even as Iran’s supreme leader suggested another hurdle to a nuclear deal Thursday, President Barack Obama and his administration waged an aggressive coordinated campaign to stop Congress from interfering. Making his first public comments on the deal, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the deal would be signed in late June only if economic sanctions are lifted at once – not in phases as the Obama administration insists.

Not a Good Deal on Iran Nukes

Fred Fleitz, NRO

It legitimizes and advances Iran’s uranium-enrichment program and it is troubling that no final agreed-upon text has been released and that Iranian and EU officials were vague in their statements about the framework.

Barack Obama: Master Manipulator of the Constitution

What Obama is doing now is what a great football running back or play caller does – he finds the “seams” in the defense and runs plays against them. On amnesty and his Iran nuclear weapons deal, Obama is running plays against his political and cultural opposition by finding “seams” in the Constitution, and using them to accomplish political and policy goals that the constitutional system of checks and balances would never otherwise empower him to achieve.