Obama caves on Iran nuclear weapons

Appeasing Iran Ignores the Lessons of History

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO

A few years from now – after Iran has used its negotiated breathing space to rearm, ratchet up its terrorist operations, and eventually gain a bomb to blackmail its neighbors – the current deal will be deeply regretted. Expect a Nobel Peace Prize for Secretary of State John Kerry now, followed by Chamberlain-like infamy later.

US gave away better options on Iran

Alan M. Dershowitz, The Boston Globe

How did we get ourselves into the situation where there are no good options? We did so by beginning the negotiations with three important concessions. First, we took the military option off the table by publicly declaring that we were not militarily capable of permanently ending Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Second, we took the current tough sanction regimen off the table by acknowledging that if we did not accept a deal, many of our most important partners would begin to reduce or even eliminate sanctions. Third, and most important, we took off the table the option of rejecting the deal by publicly acknowledging that if we do so, we will be worse off than if we accept even a questionable deal. 

After nuke deal, Rouhani says Iran could soon buy new planes


Iran’s president has pointed to another possible windfall from the nuclear deal with world powers — his country may soon be able to buy badly needed new planes for its aging military aircraft fleet.

Obama Loses the Sunni Arabs

The Wall Street Journal

The promise of a successful nuclear deal with Iran is that it will stop nuclear proliferation, moderate Tehran’s behavior, make the Middle East a safer place, and perhaps allow the U.S. to play a less active role in a troublesome region. Try telling that to the Arab leaders who were supposed to visit the White House and Camp David this week, but are now finding a reason not to show up.

The Depth of Republican Perfidy on Obama’s Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal

Ben Weingarten of The Blaze has joined us in terming Obama's nuclear weapons deal with Iran, and the Corker bill to implement it, as treason. Yet a small, but decisive, group of establishment Republicans has joined with Democrats to defeat common sense amendments to Corker’s “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015” and, turning almost 40 years of U.S. policy on its head, all but assure that Iran acquires nuclear weapons. The one alternative to the guaranteed acceptance of Iran’s nuclear weapons program through the Corker bill is an amendment to that bill offered by Senators Ted Cruz and Pat Toomey. We urge conservatives to contact their Senators and Representative (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to demand they vote for the Cruz-Toomey amendment to the Corker bill and against the Corker bill if Cruz-Toomey does not pass.

Kill Corker’s disastrous Iran bill

Marc A. Thiessen, The Washington Post

The Iran deal is a disaster. No, I’m not talking about the nuclear agreement President Obama is negotiating with Tehran (though that is a disaster, too), but rather the Iran deal that Obama cut with Congress. The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act that Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) negotiated with Obama comes up for a vote in the Senate this week. It is a terrible bill that virtually guarantees that Congress will give its de facto stamp of approval to any agreement Obama concludes with Iran.

None Dare Call Them Treason: Obama’s Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal & the Corker Bill

When asked what the lesson of the first Gulf War was General S.F.Rodrigues, formerly Chief of Staff of the Indian Army said, "Don't fight the Americans without nuclear weapons." The corollary to that observation is “You don’t seek nuclear weapons unless you plan to fight the United States.” So what should you call a group of Americans who are acting in concert to throw away America’s “unassailable lead” in military power over Iran if not traitors?

Fox News Poll: Obama 'too soft' in negotiating with Iran, deal won’t work

Dana Blanton, Fox News

More voters than not think President Barack Obama is giving away too much in the nuclear talks with Iran -- and that it’s pointless to make a deal with Iran anyway. By a 51-34 percent margin, voters think Obama is “being too soft” rather than “striking the right balance” in talks with Iran. Democrats think Obama is striking the right balance by a 27-point margin.  Republicans (by 69 points) and independents (by 17 points) say he is being too soft.  

Obama’s One-Man Nuclear Deal

Wall Street Journal Editorial

President Obama says he wants Congress to play a role in approving a nuclear deal with Iran, but his every action suggests the opposite. After months of resistance, the White House said Tuesday the President would finally sign a bill requiring a Senate vote on any deal—and why not since it still gives him nearly a free hand.

Will Senate Reclaim Constitutional Power Over Iran Nuke Treaty?


How much say Congress has on a possible nuclear deal with Iran will be tested Tuesday as a controversial bill goes up for a vote in the Senate Foreign Relations committee. The Obama administration has been very critical of legislation that would give Congress a final say in approving or rejecting a deal.