Obama caving on Iran nuclear weapons

Why Arab allies are worried over the Iran nuclear deal

CBS News

While many believe a more transparent Iran will reduce tensions in the Middle East, CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata says some of the nations within reaching distance of the Islamic Republic don't buy that the nuclear deal reached Tuesday will stop Iran from building an atomic bomb, and they worry and the country's massive financial windfall could tip a delicate power balance.

We're Going with the Ayatollah on this One

When Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Obama is “lying” about the proposed terms of the nuclear deal, being “deceptive,” and having “devilish” intentions, this is one time we’ve got to go with the Ayatollah. 

Iran’s Negotiating Triumph Over Obama and America


President Obama believes that the nuclear “framework” concluded Friday in Switzerland is a historic achievement. Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, says he believes the same. Those two positions are incompatible. The supreme leader says the Islamic Republic has a divine calling to lead Muslims away from the West and its cultural sedition. The Obama administration has never adequately explained why Mr. Zarif’s relentlessly ideological boss would sell out a three-decade effort to develop nuclear weapons.

Congress needs more details on Iran nuclear deal

David Willman, LA Times

Wth the exact details of a nuclear agreement with Iran still being debated, a prominent Senate Republican said Sunday that Congress should insist on learning more before deciding whether to support any final accord. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he will seek the panel’s vote as early as April 14 on his proposal to prohibit President Obama from suspending economic sanctions against Iran for 60 days while Congress reviews the matter.

The Danger and Folly of Obama’s #AprilFoolsDeal With Iran

While Obama may ignore our Constitution and our laws, it is foolish and dangerous in the extreme to assume, and to base a nuclear treaty on that assumption, that the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism will ignore the call for worldwide jihad in their Constitution and in Islamic law.

Iran nuclear talks prolonged as diplomats abandon hope of deal by deadline

David Blair, The Telegraph (UK)

American diplomats abandoned hope on Tuesday of achieving a deal over Iran’s nuclear ambitions by an agreed deadline, but insisted that it was worth extending the talks by another day.

Bolton calls Iran deal 'unprecedented' surrender

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, often mentioned as a longshot Republican presidential candidate, said Saturday that President Obama is negotiating “an unprecedented act of surrender” with Iran in discussions over its nuclear weapons program. “This deal is fundamentally flawed,” Bolton said at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit in West Columbia, S.C. “There really is no deal I’d trust Iran with. It is a regime determined to have nuclear weapons and this deal will give it to them.”

Greta Starts Out Right Ends Up Wrong On GOP Iran Letter

Greta got it wrong last night when Alaska’s newly elected Senator Dan Sullivan appeared on her FOX News program to explain why he and some 46 other members of the Senate wrote an open letter to Iran's leaders stating that any nuclear deal needs congressional approval in order to last beyond President Obama's term.

Thank You, Israel, for Lending Us Bibi

John Waage, Christian Broadcasting Network

This Tuesday, just hours before the Jewish faith's Purim holiday begins, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the U.S. Congress, at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, to explain why his country cannot tolerate the threat from another group of evil anti-Semites in Iran to annihilate the Jews: the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Ayatollah Khamenei and his government.