Obama failures

TSA head out after airport security screening fails

Melanie Eversley, USA TODAY

Random covert testing, intensive training and equipment checks are among several changes Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Monday after an internal investigation found flaws in the nation's airport security screening system. Johnson also announced Monday that, effective immediately, Transportation Security Administration acting administrator Melvin Carraway is being reassigned to serve as head of the DHS Office of State and Local Law Enforcement. 

Obama Economic Record Even Worse Than You Realize

Chad Stafko, American Thinker

The degree to which Barack Obama has failed, as seen in the data, is quite staggering.

Reagan Scholar Dissects Obama Defense Policy

Reagan scholar Dr. Kiron K. Skinner says the absence of a strategy is why President Obama’s recent speech at West Point fell flat for many Democrats and Republicans. As a warning to adversaries, it lacked credibility.