Obama nuclear deal with Iran

CONSERVATIVE ACTION ALERT: Secure America Now Features CHQ #47Patriots In Social Media Campaign

Secure America Now has launched a new social media campaign featuring the article #47Patriots by CHQ Editor George Rasley. The campaign, in support of the 47 Republican Senators who wrote an open letter to Iran's leaders, is intended to built grassroots support for the the 47 who are being attacked mercilessly in the media for opposing an agreement that puts Iran on course to build a nuclear weapon, and is being negotiated in secret in flagrant violation of ARTICLE II, SECTION 2, CLAUSE 2 of the Constitution that requires the President to submit treaties to the Senate for its advise and consent. We urge you to support Sen. Tom Cotton and the rest of the patriots who oppose the radical Islamists of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon by using the hashtag #47Patriots in social media, letters to the editor and calls to talk radio to educate your fellow Americans about the existential danger a nuclear armed radical Islamist Iran poses to America and the West.