Obama's National Security Failures

America is Laughing at Obama Supporters: Will GOP Capitalize?

Right now America is laughing at Obama supporters like New Hampshire’s Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen – and it’s the kind of laugh that comes when you finally get fed-up and call B.S. on someone trying to worm out of taking responsibility for their own failure.

CHQ Election Briefings on Amnesty, Obama's Lies, the Radical Muslim Threat and Obama's National Security Failures

Conservatives must nationalize the 2014 midterm elections on the issues of Amnesty, Obama's Lies, Lawlessness and Corruption, the Radical Muslim Threat and Obama's National Security Failures. To help you lead on these crucial issues we have prepared four short, easy to read, brieings that will help you write effective letters to the editor, make your point on talk radio, craft effective make-sure-you-vote email to your friends and family, and help you win the coffee shop and water cooler debates that will pursuade others to turnout and vote like their lives depend upon the outcome of the 2014 midterm election -- because they do.