Obama's education policy

Bill Gates' Deceptive Common Core Push Will Weaken Schools

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Breitbart

The Gates Foundation has been very busy trying to figure out ways for governors, state boards, and commissioners of education to pretend they are giving up Common Core’s standards or tests, while ensuring these states still have warmed-over versions in place to satisfy Bill Gates’ ambitions.

Public Turns on Obama's Education Policies

Ramsey Cox, The Hill

Public support for Obama’s education policies is plunging, according to a new survey. Twenty-seven percent of people said Obama deserves a failing grade on education.

Stop the Common Core Porn and F-Bombs in Your School

The only way to stop Common Core is to do what Becky Garritson did; shine the light of public scrutiny on how far Common Core content deviates from the standards of your community. You can start today by signing our petition “No Common Core F-Bombs, No Common Core Pornography In Our Schools!” (Warning: includes graphic Common Core content considered appropriate for your 11th grade child.)

Missouri May Scrap Common Core

Associated Press Staff

Missouri could become the 2nd state to drop Common Core if lawmakers approve legislation to require the state to start writing its own student performance standards. Missouri's Repub.-led Legislature has raised concerns that CCore takes away the state's power to determine education policy for public schools.<

Why Are Cops Punishing Common Core Opponents?

Robby Soave, Daily Caller

A Marietta, GA school district asked the police to prohibit certain students from setting foot on school property because their parents had privacy concerns about Common Core-aligned standardized testing, and wished to opt their kids out.

Common Core Curriculum Twists The Facts

Eric Owens, Daily Caller

Common Core lesson plans attack Ronald Reagan, list Abraham Lincoln's religion as 'liberal,' and suggest the 2000 election of George W. Bush was "unfair."

NY Teachers' Union: Common Core Failed

Stephanie Simon, Politico

The board of the NY state teachers union unanimously withdrew its support for the Common Core standards — a major blow for CCore advocates who have been touting support from teachers as proof that the standards will succeed nationwide.

Rebranding Common Core To Sell The Lie

Once you control the curriculum in the schools, then you can dictate what students are supposed to think and feel, and how they are supposed to look at the world.

Education Expert: Common Core 'Rather Shady'

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart

Reknowned scholars serving as members of the Common Core Validation Committee were sworn to secrecy, then “ignored,” and finally left to serve only as little more than “window dressing” to allow what many are now calling one of the greatest deceptions over the American p

Common Core: The Elite’s War On Citizenship

Common Core will strip the next generation of the intellectual tools and information necessary to be engaged citizens, think for themselves and effectively oppose the ruling class. These are the most insidious effects Common Core will have on the American education system, and the most important reasons to oppose it.

Return to Locally Controlled Ed

Tom Pauken, Human Events

By failing to anticipate objections from grassroots conservatives, Common Core advocates are guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations. 

Moms Push Back on Common Core

Liz Klimas, The Blaze

Not only had Common Core been adopted by Colorado in '10, but Jefferson County School District, proposed to start a pilot program for software that would collect and analyze students' data. Parents are alarmed by privacy issues and alarming connections with “big business.” 

Common Core Public Hearings Scheduled In Florida

If you are a Florida resident and “common core” makes you see red, then attend one of the public meetings in Florida on "common core" and wear red to show your support for the Florida Family Policy Council’s campaign to defeat “Obamacore.”

Common Core To Get Public Hearings In Florida, But Will Your Voice Be Heard?

When the public hearings finally start in Florida – as Robert Small discovered in Maryland – opposing Common Core can and will get you arrested unless you play by the education establishment’s rules.

Repubs Deflating Common Core

Mark Niquette and Annie Linskey, Bloomberg.com

Six Repub-controlled states have halted or delayed implementation of Common Core standards. Twenty-six bills across 11 states related to Common Core are pending.