Obama's executive action

House GOP Plots Immigration Strategy

Seung Min Kim, Politico

House leadership plans to move as early as next week on legislation to override Obama’s exec. amnesty actions. That move's likely to be paired with spending for Homeland Security, which got only short-term funding from an agreement in Dec.

McConnell: Immigration A Low Priority For GOP Senate

Caroline May, Breitbart

McConnell said that while the current immigration system is “broken,” Obama’s recent exec. actions — including offering legal status and work permits to nearly 5 million illegal immigrants — makes the prospect of moving quickly on reform next Congress far-fetched. 

Toxic Distrust Between Conservs., GOP Leaders on Amnesty

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Conservatives want R's to fight to defund Obama's exec. action now, rather than wait until Jan. They accuse Boehner, McConnell, and other GOP leaders of caving to O. The GOP should unite on this issue.

Why Obama's Okay With GOP Funding Plan

Brian Hughes, Washington Examiner

Obama's been noticeably quiet as Repubs. prepare a funding plan that would guarantee a fight over his immigration action in early '15. That’s because Obama doesn’t think he’ll lose that showdown. "Repubs. still don't have an endgame," said a former WH official.

Should We Buy Speaker Boehner Some Balls?

Speaker Boehner is not the spineless wimp some commentators make him out to be. Boehner has actually shown plenty of masculine fortitude and has faced down opponents on numerous occasions – the problem is those opponents are always conservatives, not President Obama and the Democrats.

Help Boehner Grow A Pair

Erick Erickson, Red State

The GOP actively campaigned against Obama’s amnesty action while the Dems attacked the GOP for a gov't shut down. Yet, Boehner's going to join Sen. Harry Reid and keep Obama’s exec. amnesty plan going. He’s lining up votes with Nancy Pelosi to ensure O’s amnesty is funded.