Patriot Act Revisions

Capitol Hill Conservatives Split On Patriot Act – What Say You?

Contending approaches as to what to do about renewing Section 215 of the Patriot Act appear to have split liberty-minded members of Congress with some, like Sen. Mike Lee, supporting the "USA Freedom Act," while others, led by Sen. Rand Paul, support the 'Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act." Other Republicans, such as Senators Marco Rubio and Mitch McConnell support a "clean" renewal of the Patriot Act. Update: In a bipartisan vote of 338-88, the House on Wednesday afternoon passed the USA Freedom Act.

Cruz, RPaul at Odds Over Patriot Act Revisions

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

A bipartisan Senate bill that revises the '01 Patriot Act to better protect the civil liberties of ordinary Americans is dividing 2 Repub. presidential hopefuls. Ted Cruz is a co-sponsor of the measure while Rand Paul opposes it.