Pentagon waste

While no one's watching, Congress does its worst

With a newly installed Republican majority that campaigned as fiscal conservatives one would expect big government Democrats to be howling in pain about all the "unfair budget cuts," but unfortunately big government Republicans are doing as much or more spending as would be expected from the Democrats. And they are using the same gimmicks and tricks they all campaigned against to continue the ruinous spending says our friend Jonathan Bydlak at The Coalition to Reduce Spending.

Lack of Pentagon Money is Not Our Top National Security Problem

Don’t get us wrong, House Republicans were right to look at Obama’s national security budget and conclude it was dangerously thin, but their budget gimmickry and unwillingness to make tough choices in other areas of the budget – or even choices that should be easy for conservatives – shows that they are unwilling to be honest with the American people and acknowledge that the national security and fiscal challenges facing America intersect.