Persecution of Christians

Rainbow Jihad Launches Religious War In America

It’s time to say plainly that the Left’s campaign against believing Christians and Jews isn’t just a public policy disagreement anymore. Much like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Left has escalated their campaign against believers into a war to extirpate Judeo-Christian religious belief and practice from the geography they occupy and all of America is now the target in their Rainbow Jihad.

Will Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi Be Prime Minister of All Indians?

Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won a stunning political victory in India's recent national elections. Unfortunately,India’s new prime minister, was implicated in one of the worst religious riots to occur in India's supposedly secular republic.

War on Christians: The Politics of Persecution

Katie Gorka, Breitbart

Persecution of Christians is on an upward trajectory that runs parallel to the Islamist awakening and has accelerated under the so-called “Arab Spring.” Yet it has not made it to the top-ten list of priorities for American policymakers.

A Day of Hope in a Season of Persecution

Today’s secular liberals just don’t seem to understand that when they try to drive Christians from the public square, or outlaw the public expression of Christian belief, we Christians have been there before.

Egypt Close to Helping Christians?

Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze

Just 3 months after the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, it appears Egyptian authorities are taking a big step toward protecting the freedom of worship for the nation’s Christian community by lifting major restrictions on the construction of new churches.