Peter King

Trump AG Barr Cracks Down On Phony Asylum Seekers

Attorney General William Barr has ruled that some illegal aliens who are about to be deported must be held without bond as their deportation cases play out. An alien who is transferred from expedited removal proceedings to full removal proceedings is ineligible for release on bond, Barr wrote.

On Mosque Surveillance: ‘That’s Where the Threat is Coming From’

Patrick Goodenough, CNS News

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said Sunday mosques in the United States should be placed under surveillance regardless of the complaints of civil libertarians since “the fact is, that’s where the threat is coming from.”

Peter King Worried Tea Party Will Take Over GOP

United Press International

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said that he's concerned Eric Cantor's loss will open the door for the "Ted Cruzes" and "Rand Pauls" to take over the GOP. When asked if the GOP's drifting in a more conservative direction that'll completely oppose Obama's agenda, King said he certainly hoped not.

Peter King Smears Cruz As a 'Fraud'

The Right Scoop Staff

Peter King is waging jihad against Ted Cruz and smearing him. King called Ted Cruz a fraud and the "worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party." He accused Cruz of making promises he couldn’t keep regarding the government shutdown.

Peter King Starts Anti-Tea Party PAC

Alex Lazar,

Seeking to unify anti-tea party forces, Rep. Peter King formed a new political action committee, American Leadership PAC, to promote an alternative to staunch conservative Repubs. “I want to create a presence for those like myself who feel Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are out of touch with the American people,” he said.