Planned Parenthood uses taxpayer money to fund abortions

Are You Patronizing A Baby Killing Company?

There’s nothing “charitable” about killing babies and trafficking in their organs and tissue. We here are CHQ believe it is time to call to account any business or charitable foundation that supports Planned Parenthood, and especially the ghoulish practice of trafficking in human tissue and organs. We urge you to join us in boycotting these companies and in letting the corporate management and shareholders know exactly why you refuse to buy their products or patronize their businesses by signing our open letter to the management of these companies and foundations. We also urge you to sign our separate letter to Congress demanding that the Republican leadership actually follow through and conduct an investigation rather than engage in their usual “go nowhere” political posturing.

Open Letter To The Management And Shareholders Of Organizations That Fund Planned Parenthood

Open Letter To The Management And Shareholders Of Organizations The Fund Planned Parenthood

To the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors of the following organizations:

Thank You Bobby Jindal For Investigating Planned Parenthood's Human Organ Trafficking

Governor Bobby Jindal was right to launch an investigation – the substance of this video was on its face truly shocking in its depraved discussion of crushing human beings and harvesting their organs. The truth of the charges against Planned Parenthood should stand or fall on a measured and unbiased investigation into whether it profits from trafficking in human organs and Governor Bobby Jindal deserves the thanks of all right thinking people for his willingness to send Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals to follow the facts wherever they lead.

We Paid for Those Abortions

Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Online

Across several states, Planned Parenthood overbills and charges Medicaid for abortions.