Accentuating the Positive at the Republican Convention

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

From the outset it was clear the dual (or is it dueling?) conventions demonstrated markedly different tones. You could call the Democrat’s “medically gloomy”—they were banking on COVID getting their man elected—and Republican’s “optimistic yet fed up.” They were optimistic about the future but fed up with the violence in the streets. “Celebrating America as the land of promise” were practically the first words of the narration that began the evening, just before the invocation by Cardinal Timothy Dolan that declared us, “One nation, under God.”

Democrats portray America as a nation full of misery, poverty and angst

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

While this week’s Republican National Convention can — and should — counter the anti-Trump claims by Democrats, the event should mostly focus on optimism. The country the Democrats describe is not the real America. We’ve come through far greater challenges in the past because of the optimism and tenacity of our citizens. Ronald Reagan used to say America’s best days were ahead. Republicans should say if the Biden/Harris/Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez gang assumes power, they will transform America into the darkness they now falsely claim envelops us. If they win, their pessimistic rhetoric will become all too real.

GOP Setting Itself Up For Failure… Again

Republicans didn’t lose the House and a number of winnable Senate races in 2018 because they didn’t know how to use smartphone apps to run a precinct operation. They lost because they failed to produce on the Trump agenda and failed to brand the Democrats as dangerous anti-constitutional socialists.

Newton’s Third Law of Physics is Alive and Operating in the Political Arena

Our opponents are raising hundreds of millions of dollars and growing their organizations. The good news is, the voters and donors of Donald Trump's new conservative -- populist coalition are more engaged and outraged than ever. If there was ever a time to start or grow your conservative organization that time is now.

Ted Cruz Defends Decision Not To Endorse Trump: What Do You Think?

At some point Ted Cruz’s feud with Donald Trump and the insults traded between candidates during the Primary are not our problem. What is our problem, however, is living in an America governed by Hillary Clinton. Click here to take our CHQ poll and tell us what you think: Did Ted Cruz commit political suicide by refusing to endorse Donald Trump?

RNC member accuses party leaders of undermining Trump

Alex Isenstadt, Politico

In a three-page letter sent to fellow RNC members, Bruce Ash, an Arizona Republican who oversees the committee’s permanent Rules Committee, laces into the organization for appointing establishment-minded figures who, he says, could overturn Trump’s nomination at the convention.

Firestorm brewing over GOP convention rules

Ben Kamisar, The Hill

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Rules Committee meets here on Thursday amid calls for changes to convention rules that could make it easier for a new Republican presidential candidate to emerge to take on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Discussion of the rules has created a political firestorm, with Trump, the GOP front-runner, accusing the RNC for rigging the nomination process against him.

Viguerie: Conservative Leaders Warn GOP Against Rigged Convention, Parachute Candidate

On the day of Donald Trump's huge home-state win, and on the eve of the final Republican National Committee meeting before the GOP convention, an influential group of conservative leaders, including CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, sent a letter RNC Chairman Reince Priebus warning against a rigged convention or the nomination of a "parachute candidate."

RNC struggles to control fight over Trump, convention rules

Ben Kamisar, The Hill

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is struggling to control an escalating party debate over what rules should govern a contested Republican convention. It’s an unprecedented situation for Republicans, who for the last week have seen a war of words between their party’s chairman and Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

RNC in turmoil over proposed change in convention rules

Alex Isenstadt and Shane Goldmacher, Politico

An all-out internal power struggle has erupted at the Republican National Committee, just days before a critical party gathering in Florida, as the head of the RNC’s powerful rules committee has accused his own party leadership of a “major breach of trust” in trying to block a rule change that he said would make it harder to reopen the GOP nomination fight at a contested convention this summer.

Karl Rove: 'Fresh face' might be best GOP nominee

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Karl Rove, a man many view as the physical embodiment of the establishment, has poured gallons of fuel on the Republican fire. Appearing on Hugh Hewitt's radio show Thursday evening, Rove said a "fresh face" chosen at the convention might turn the GOP's fortunes around and win in November.

#NeverHillary Lost During CNN Wisconsin Town Halls

In the aftermath of CNN’s “town hall” one has to ask again, why, despite years of evidence of the folly of giving that much power to the establishment media, did the RNC agree to let its candidates be subject to a three-hour long influence operation aimed at trivializing the remaining Republican presidential candidates on national TV? The only answer is that the establishment GOP remains the Party of Stupid.

Good News From Iowa, Bad News From The Republican National Convention

Despite the fact that outsiders Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are blowing away the competition in Iowa, the Republican establishment of lobbyists, elected officials and big donors has served notice it isn't going to let a little thing like losing elections get in the way of making sure one of its own is the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

GOP campaigns agree to cut RNC out of debate process

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

The 2016 GOP presidential campaigns agreed on Sunday evening to cut the Republican National Committee (RNC) out of the debate negotiation process and instead deal directly with networks moderating debates.

Hobbits Plan TAKEOVER of GOP

Daniel J. Schultz, Breitbart

If the word ever gets out that conservatives can actually take over the Republican Party by becoming precinct committeemen, the current members of the RNC, including the likes of Reince Priebus, are “toast” in the next round of Party officer elections. That’s why they will never breathe a word of this to you.

GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Tim Alberta, National Journal

Republicans will gather in Cleveland in July, allowing their presidential pick to dip into a bigger pot of campaign funds.

Romney Suddenly Being Wooed at RNC Meeting

Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times

It’s been a good week so far for Mitt Romney, according to some RNC members gathered at their annual winter meeting in San Diego. Their private exchanges note that Romney told friends & former campaign aides to warm up their engines for a third go in '16. 

Why We Must (Gently) Disagree With Our Friend Mark Levin

Ronald Reagan’s answer to those, including some of his good political supporters, who wanted him to head a new conservative party, was to tell them “they were out of their minds.” As Reagan saw it then (and he was right) the bulk of conservative voters in America are Republicans—and they won’t desert the Republican Party for a third party.

Sessions: House GOP On Verge Of Breaking '14 Campaign Promises

Joel Gehrke, National Review

Sen. Jeff Sessions said that House R's owe it to the voters to fight Obama’s amnesty. He said that the proposed language “fails to meet [the] test” established by RNC's Reince Priebus, who promised that the GOP would do everything possible to thwart O’s exec. orders.

RNC: $18 Trillion Debt 'Sad Milestone For America'

Wynton Hall, Breitbart

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is blasting President Barack Obama over the fact that U.S. debt has soared past $18 trillion.