Rep. Scott Peters

Gay Repub. Distances Himself From Tea Party

Michelle Moons, Breitbart

Attack & defensive ads fill the airwaves in San Diego’s 52nd Cong. District that pits Dem. incumbent Scott Peters against GOP estab.-backed, gay Repub. Carl DeMaio. As both sides fight for the coveted indep. & centrist voting block, DeMaio is further distancing himself from conservatives.

Conservs. Blast Boehner for Fundraising for Gay GOP Cand.

Tina Nguyen, Mediaite

Several conservative interest groups, including the Family Research Council and National Organization for Marriage, blasted Boehner and the GOP leadership for supporting House hopeful Carl DeMaio, who’s currently tied with sitting Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) in polls. 

US Chamber Endorses Dems in Key House Races

Caroline May, Breitbart

The business group that has been pushing for amnesty but that has often backed Republican candidates is throwing its support behind Democrats in several key House races this cycle. Among the Democrats endorsed by the Chamber is pro-amnesty TX Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar.