Republican establishment

We Agree With Barbara Bush On A Jeb Run For President

The way we see it is that no matter who else gets in the Republican presidential primaries, Jeb Bush will remain the “great white hope” of the Republican establishment.

The Talladega Economy

The Republican establishment and the cheap labor wing of Big Business want to continue to suppress wages and job growth for American citizens by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and opening the borders to more low-skilled immigrants. How does this make sense with the civilian labor force participation rate at its lowest level in 36 years?

Chamber Vow to Fight TEAParty=Stupid Move

Matt Towery, TownHall

The US Chamber's goals seem at odds with the "average" voter, without whose allegiance few Republicans will win next year. This chamber perspective is both elitist and divisive. And it's likely to backfire.

Could There Be a McClintock versus Ryan Showdown in 2016?

Someone needs to offer the principled limited government constitutional alternative to the Republican establishment on spending. Starting a “draft Tom McClintock” committee may be what is needed, because McClintock is saying what few others will – America can’t afford many more mistakes like those the Republican establishment made on the Ryan spending deal.

Chris Christie’s Big Test on Illegal Immigration

We think the ads against any candidate in a Republican presidential primary that supports granting public benefits to illegal aliens pretty well write themselves. To call Governor Christie to let him know you oppose granting in-state tuition and financial aid to illegal immigrants call the New Jersey Governor’s office at 609-292-6000.

Tea Party Endorses McConnell Foe

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

There are some signs Mitch McConnell’s primary opponent may be gaining favor with Tea Parties.