Republican lawsuit against Obama

Lib Constitutional Scholar to Represent GOP in Obama Lawsuit

Noah Rothman, Hot Air

House R's hired constitutional lawyer & left-leaning scholar Jonathan Turley to represent them in their effort to force Obama to abide by the constraints placed on his power in the nation’s founding document.

Boehner Weighs Expanding Obama Lawsuit

Rachel Huggins, The Hill

John Boehner is mulling whether to expand a lawsuit against Obama for exceeding his constitutional power to include action on immigration. Boehner reportedly wants to act quickly if Obama uses exec. action.

House Still Hasn’t Sued Obama

Josh Gerstein, Politico

John Boehner announced in June that his chamber would take Obama to court. The suit, charging that Obama grossly exceeded his constitutional authority by failing to implement parts of Obamacare, was billed as a rallying point for aggrieved R's. But the House hasn't done a thing.

Would a Boehner v. Obama Lawsuit Weaken or Strengthen the Constitution?

While the merits of any lawsuit against President Obama for abusive unilateral actions may seem clear, the issue of congressional standing is anything but that. And John Boehner is no constitutional strategist.