Richard Viguerie

Viguerie: Conservatives Can TakeOver GOP

Robert Feinberg, MoneyNews

Viguerie says we can recruit adherents to the party who are involved in community issues and backing ethnically diverse candidates. O's unpopularity & the TEA Party's energy will help R's win in '16. It's not too late for conservs. to win control of GOP & the '16 election. 

Watch Richard Viguerie on CSPAN's Washington Journal Saturday

Author, activist, and ConservativeHQ chairman Richard A. Viguerie will appear on C-SPAN's Washington Journal on Saturday, May 9, at 7:45 a.m. Eastern.

Viguerie and Horowitz: #PrimariesMatter

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s mantra to limited government constitutional conservatives “It’s the primaries, stupid” has long been shared by a few of the Right’s most incisive commentators, especially RedState’s Daniel Horowitz and author and talk radio heavyweight Mark Levin.

Yes, The Tea Party Movement is Winning and Here’s Why

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

The Tea Party movement is winning and I urge you to call your local talk radio program and write a letter to the editor of your local paper with these points to rebut anyone promoting the idea that the Tea Party is dead or a declining force in politics today.

Tea Party Winning

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author, Conservative Activist & CHQ Chairman

In TAKEOVER I outline a plan of how conservatives can take over the Republican Party and govern America according to conservative principles by 2017. The results in North Carolina show that our issues are driving the agenda, now we must cinch up our belts, organize, call meetings and use the plan I outline in TAKEOVER to win the vote.

Stu Rothenberg Invents A New Kind of “Conservative”

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

Stu Rothenberg is a smart guy, but he apparently missed Bill Murray’s classic movie comedy “Groundhog Day” in which Murray becomes stuck in a time warp because of his selfish and self-centered ways. With “pragmatic conservatives” like Mike Simpson and Thad Cochran representing the GOP, Republican voters are stuck in a similar time warp. 

What I Told The Heritage Foundation

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint is the de facto leader of the conservative movement because he understands that, while the establishment media and big-government Republicans have done a good job of blaming conservatives for Republican losses, the reality is voters consistently reject big-government, content-free Republicans. The GOP only wins when it draws a clear contrast with the secular liberal big government worldview of the Democrats.

Richard Viguerie: Horrendous Mistake to Nominate Jeb Bush

Breitbart TV

“How many times do we have to go through this nightmare before we realize the voters don’t like big-government Republicans?” Viguerie added. He mentioned Jeb Bush and Chris Christie as some of the worst candidates.

The Establishment GOP Is Not the Political Home of Conservatives and That Needs to Change

In my op-ed in today's Los Angles Times I explain that the establishment GOP is not the political home of conservatives, and that needs to change for Republicans to reach the political promised land and govern America.


Tony Lee, Breitbart

CHQ Chairman, author, and direct mail pioneer Richard Viguerie said the 2006 and 2008 losses had "everything to do with the failed, immoral, and corrupt leadership of the Republicans."

Highlights of My Speech to the New York Meeting

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

There have been four great Republican electoral triumphs in the past half century; Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, the Contract with America in 1994, and the Tea Party revolution in 2010 and as I explain in my new book TAKEOVER there’s a theme common to all of them.


Jim Fletcher, WND

Direct mail pioneer, author, and CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie says 'progressives' inside the GOP are the party's 'greatest impediment.'

Ruling Class GOP Tone-Deaf on Bundy Ranch Issue

Richard Viguerie, WND

CHQ Chairman and author of TAKEOVER Richard Viguerie notes, 'Congress makes the laws in America, not the BLM.'

Texans Stand Tall Against BLM

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott shot a bulls eye in opposing the BLM's land grab in Texas, "The BLM’s newly asserted claims to land along the Red River threaten to upset long-settled private property rights and undermine fundamental principles—including the rule of law—that form the foundation of our democracy." SIGN OUR PETITION IN SUPPORT OF RICK PERRY, GREG ABBOTT, AND CLIVEN BUNDY'S FIGHT AGAINST THE BLM'S FEDERAL LAND GRAB!

Clinton Papers Show Viguerie Was Right

Newly released Clinton presidential papers reveal that the White House feared and tried to discredit the new and alternative media Viguerie, Limbaugh and others were using to deliver “unregulated data and information" to the American people in opposition to Hillarycare and rest of Cinton's big government agenda.

Takeover: What It'll Take to Save the GOP and America

Beaufort Observer

Unaffiliated voters should know what they will be deciding on in the primaries. It's not so much a choice of candidates as it is a choice of the way we will allow ourselves to be governed. Richard Viguerie's book 'Takeover' should be required reading for every Repub.

Viguerie: 2016 GOP Nominee Should be DC Outsider

Aaron Stern, NewsMax

Democrats seem all but certain to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate in 2016, which means Republicans need to find the closest thing to her polar opposite, says longtime conservative advocate Richard Viguerie. 

Viguerie On Lou Dobbs: Conservatives Must TAKEOVER GOP

In his latest appearance on FOX Business program Lou Dobbs Tonight, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie makes the case that to attract more women and minority voters what the GOP needs is leaders who can effectively articulate the conservative message, not policies that are more like the Democrats. Click here to watch the entire segment

GOP Must Re-Learn Campaign Techniques

Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker

Republican insiders don’t actually know how to run successful political campaigns.  But conservatives don’t know how to run campaigns effectively, either.