Rick Perry Indicted

Rick Perry Wins

Erick Erickson, Red State

The drunk in charge of the Travis County D.A.’s Office wants to settle a political grudge with a criminal indictment. Perry will make more money off this than the D's ever will. R's should be thanking Rosemary “Vodka” Lehmberg for highlighting just what contempt progressives have for the democratic process.

Politics as Combat

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

The Rick Perry indictment shows that anything goes. 

Levin Furious Over Perry's 'Bogus' Indictment

Right Scoop Staff

Mark Levin was furious over Rick Perry’s so-called ‘indictment,’ calling it ‘pathetic and bogus’ and blaming radical libs for abusing the justice system in Austin just as they did to target Tom Delay.

Rick Perry Indictment A Political Assassination

If Rick Perry deserves to be indicted for "coercion of a public official" then so does Barack Obama.