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Assemble an Apology Parade for Palin

Tim Graham, CNS News

An august group of feminists formed the "We Have Her Back" coalition and lobby the media for "anti-sexist" coverage of VP nominee Kamala Harris. The establishment media received a list of don'ts: Don't question her attractiveness, her ambition, her experience, her likability, her electability or her qualifications. Everyone who watches the left-wing media can see that you can be intensely sexist toward Sarah Palin and no one will ever apologize. To them, conservative blacks aren't really black, conservative Latinos aren't really Latino, and conservative women aren't really women.

Palin Vindicated: GOP Sends IPAB to the Death Panel

David Catron, The American Spectator

IPAB would have been the health care rationing board that dare not speak its name. Fortunately for seniors, congressional Republicans and President Trump didn’t need to have it named for them by the Democratic Party or its publicists at the Post and other alleged news outlets. They know IPAB was an acronym for Death Panel, and they deep-sixed it. Now, its stygian shadow no longer looms over the elderly.

MAGA Coalition Launches Grassroots Political Operation

The MAGA Coalition mission statement says it will reach out to everyday Americans and build an unprecedented model of grassroots activism. If they succeed, and we hope they do, no longer will we have to stand by and let the entrenched powers that be in the establishment dictate our future with apathy and inaction.

Sarah Palin, Candy Carson, Missy Robertson Headline Mom’s March Sept. 23

While violent Leftist protesters plan to converge on Washington this September, out in America’s heartland there’s another march and another message: The Mom’s March for America—a national gathering of mothers to shine the light on the powerful influence of mothers in our homes, communities, and nation; and raise the bar of decency, civility, and liberty in our culture.

The New York Times is in Trouble in Palin libel suit

John Hinderaker, Powerline

Ms. Palin can make a strong argument that the Times editorialists knew that their smear was a lie, based on reporting done by the Times itself. (The editorialists’ defense likely will have to be that they don’t read their own newspaper.) But at a minimum, it seems that the Times editorial was published with reckless disregard for whether it was true or not. It was a product of sheer hatred toward Palin.