Secret Service

Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe

DeRoy Murdock, National Review

Clinton’s well-documented history of profane, unhinged outbursts against those who work for her spans decades. Hillary routinely berated her security detail — and in the worst language possible.

Why a former Secret Service agent believes Bill Clinton's accusers

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner

Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent who served in Bill Clinton's White House, said on Monday night there was no reason to doubt women's claims of being sexually assaulted in the Oval Office by the former president.

Incompetence: How to Get a Mass Murderer’s Dad Into a Clinton Rally

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

For those who are unfamiliar with these kind of rallies? There is no way in the political world that Seddique Mateen — the very public father of a mass murderer only weeks ago drenched in wall-to-wall media coverage — could be placed where he was in that rally without both the Clinton campaign and the Secret Service knowing it... or it could just be Hillary-style incompetence.


The last thing America needs is a president who is continually “short-circuiting,” while attempting to perform the difficult duties of the office. It is time for the Clintons and their allies in the establishment media and the Secret Service to end the cover-up and come clean about Hillary Clinton’s health and neurological condition.

Chaffetz: Secret Service Agents May've Been ‘Scapegoats’

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Secret Service agents may have been used as “scapegoats” by the W. House to “cover up what is potentially a broader problem” relating to the '12 prostitution scandal in Colombia, per Jason Chaffetz. He questioned whether an Obama staffer involved in the scandal had been disciplined. 

Issa: Secret Serv. Gave False Account of WH Intrusion

Fox News Staff

Darrell Issa confirmed emerging reports that the intruder made it all the way into the W. House's East Room. Issa said that was contrary to an "early, false report" that claimed the intruder only made it just inside the door. 

Secret Service Protocols Not Followed

Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson plans to "take full responsibility" for a recent incident in which a White House intruder reached the ceremonial heart of the White House before being detained. She'll face lawmakers at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing Tues.

Obama’s Culture of Lies Now Infects Secret Service

We think the White House fence jumper incident reveals much more about the Obama administration’s culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption, than it does about the failures of security at the White House.

Book Review: Dan Bongino's "Life Inside the Bubble"

Former Secret Service agent turned conservative congressional candidate Dan Bongino’s “Life Inside the Bubble” has just been added to my list of favorite political memoirs.