Sen Rand Paul for President

Rand Paul’s New Math: the Antidote for Mitt Romney and GOP’s 47% Mentality

The message that there is a nexus between freedom and opportunity, between breaking the bonds of the welfare state and freedom to choose is a powerful one and an important one if Republicans are to attract the blue collar and ethnic voters that Mitt Romney so cavalierly dismissed. But the math of such a message is untested as a formula for winning GOP primaries and seizing the Republican nomination for President.

Rand Paul’s Toughest Sell Could Be Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses are little more than a huge media event that is subject to manipulation by the GOP establishment and is often inhospitable to the issues and messages the GOP needs to win in November. Invented by Democrats in 1972, the Iowa Caucuses have attained an outsized influence in presidential politics because neither the news media nor most outside observers seem to recognize that they have absolutely no effect on the actual allocation of delegates to the Republican National Convention. 

Rand Paul Announces Presidential Campaign

Senator Paul has been long anticipated to get in the 2016 Republican presidential race and has spent much of the five years of his Senate term defining a new conservative – libertarian coalition that could be a potent force in the upcoming Republican primaries. C-SPAN is expected to carry the Paul announcement live TODAY, April 7, 2015, from the Grand Ball Room of Louisville's Galt House Hotel begining at 11:30 a.m. eastern. Click this link for the latest from C-SPAN.

Rand Paul Scouting Report: The Proud Provocateur

NBC News

Rand Paul begins his campaign for the White House with a handful of strengths, including his popularity with younger supporters.

The Next President Must Reclaim The Constitution For We The People

Reclaiming the Constitution for We the People is the one area where political Left and Right intersect in a way that will attract a significant, perhaps decisive, segment of the 2016 electorate. The establishment candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, are not talking about reclaiming the Constitution because they are fully invested in the extra-constitutional policies that are threatening our liberties; the surveillance state, a dominant and unaccountable federal executive and Congress’ abandonment of its constitutional responsibility to check the executive through the power of the purse.

Rand Paul: 1st Amendment ‘Doesn’t Say Keep Religion out of Gov’t’

Evan McMurry, Mediaite

According to video taken by CBN News, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told a gathering of faith leaders last Thursday that America was in a “moral crisis,” in part over gay marriage, and that government had a role in addressing it.